I’m really proud of my yellow scarf, which I knitted myself. I think I had last knitted when I was 12, so considering that this one turned out pretty good (thanks to the blessing of youtube tutorials)! It’s still fairly warm so I don’t need a scarf but I love hiding my face in it and draping it around me in class. Makes me feel soft and protected.



  • What a lovely scarf — knitting is something so therapeutic for me so it’s nice to see you getting back into it! For study, I love to reward myself for doing things, as in, “If I finish this English assignment I will take a walk around the block” or, “If I do all these math problems in the next hour I will sew for the rest of the evening.” I also like to break projects into chunks, going against my instinct to do everything in one sitting, because I find that if I work on things a little bit each day they feel much less daunting and overwhelming, and I can reward myself for finishing small steps!

  • 1. Knitting is so good! I sometimes knit while I study, actually (usually just garter or stockinette, I want to focus on what I’m reading!) to help keep my hands busy.

    2. IMHO, there’s nothing better than hiding in a corner of the library with my books and notes and music and just Getting Work Done for a few hours. I always emerge feeling so much better and so productive.

    3. At the same time, don’t push yourself too hard. I like giving myself mini-breaks every twenty minutes (like the Pomodoro technique) and then having a nice, long (half-hour-ish) break every couple hours to get up and walk around and stop myself from getting too burnt out on material.

    4. Quizlet! Quizlet is everything– I use it all the time for studying French and GRE vocab, but there’s lots of other card sets available, & you can make your own. It’s extraordinarily helpful and free.

  • I use the pomodoro technique, and make sure I do enough work per day using beeminder.com, I’ve found the combo works amazing!

  • You’re one of my favorite bloggers of all time! Your outfits are beautiful and your posts give me so much hope.

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