dress: second hand, tights: Veritas, shoes: Zara, belt: H&M
A quick outfit shot in between cramming because I love this dress so much! And these tights! And these shoes!! All on sale!! I usually never have the money to go to sales for some reason, but I do have some now since I’ve been eating so little thanks to stress and the devil that is lactose intolerance (R.I.P. love for soft French cheeses). Ok but seriously: 2 euros for good quality tights; 3 euros for, admittedly a polyester dress (polyester is the 50s, 60s & 70s historic equivalent of knock-offs I have come to believe — the high designers worked in quality wool but have you noticed how hard it is to find second hand? so don’t talk down on my large-scale polyester collection ok? ok.), 29 euros for shoes @ Zara. I’ve been craving more comfortable shoes that make me taller so these are so perfect, it makes my heart ache and tears swell up in my eyes as I stroke their plastic metallic sheen. I would normally pair this dress with either my black booties, red high heels, or those wicked 90s gothic platform heels because, paired with a long dress it would elongate my silhouette and make me feel more elegant and stronger (stronger? because tallness equals power as the media imbues? perhaps? but imagine this: I don’t care; I feel what I feel and I love what I love). But anyway I just wanted to show these new babies off. You know, I am not insecure about my height; I am relatively small over here: I am 1m60 (5’3″ I think??), but I don’t mind it at all. Often I relish in it, especially with my “cuter” outfits. But I do love feeling taller. And I love any and all shapes of high-heeled shoes. I just love SHOES and TALLNESS and FASHION.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 13.32.33

I announced these as Hologram shoes on my twitter at first, but they’re actually just shiny silver hahahhuehue, I was very sleep deprived. After my last exam I slept 16 hours and when studying the day after wasn’t working I took another 2 hour nap. It felt so good.

My exams have been going really well despite a lot of anxiety taking me over. The current course I have to cram is archeology and I hate it with all my might but I found some fun in it by drawing all the temple floor plans, maps, countless vases et al. This seems truly dull written down. Is it. I will savor the day that I am free of this menial mind-labor and eat a fancy hamburger. These are my prospects. This is my future joy. One day at a time.

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  • That dress is incredible! I love how you coordinate, your outfits are so inspiring
    (I’ve been silently following you for a while but I’m shy, so hi!)

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