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Feeling feverish and hot-tempered and very emotional over THINGS right now so here is a wishlist that I deserve but will never get ::sheep:: .

Every once in a while I’m like what’s Eley Kishimoto doing this season? and then I cry.

::broken:: ::drops::


via asos.com & Eley Kishimoto


Asos is seriously my go-to source for tights and socks. Admittedly their tights aren’t the greatest; I bought a bunch of colours last year and I got ladders from crotch to knees in one minute wear on all of them though after fixing them with nailpolish they stayed that way and are pretty warm but mostly asos has some of the cheapest tights around so whatever. As an aside: my favourite brand is Falke because they’re warm, they have some great colours, stay really elastic, I’ve never gotten a lader in them and they keep their colours after lots of washes… but they’re so expensive!

Oh well ::runningpig:: .

via asos.com

::burger:: ::rainbow:: ::love:: ::noodles::

Lazy Oaf

Hmm yes food-related clothing good yes. That aside, I also have lots of feelings about sailor-style clothing? Currently I’m more into the sailor school girl uniform sailor wear. I’ve been bitter about losing my flawless blue coat for a while and I’ve finally decided to replace it with a sailor-style blue one because I make good life decisions. Yes.

above via Kling, bottom via etsy

A mix of all of these would be nice. Preferably I want something in a bright but deep blue, you know? Mod, A-line, oversized sailor school girl coat in a bright blue is a thing, right?

But really, spring is here today so I’m just gonna keep an eye out every where instead of seriously thinking about getting one. But don’t I need my sailor school girl needs fulfilled?! ::OK!::



Also since I’ve been getting a little bored of books lately:

oh yes please aaaahhhhh gamessss hmm yes ::chick:: ::game:: ::running::


  • I want a sailor fuku so bad!! Actually, I basically want everything in those post. If only I was extremely wealthy!!


  • Hey! The sailor coat remember me Enid from Ghost World!
    and, I really love kneesocks too, but my legs are a bit thick, I can’t find one that suit me well 🙁

  • Aaaah yes I want all of these socks but the Eley Kishimoto ones are so expensive ;__;.

    Also YAY Animal Crossing! I should really log in again, my town is probably filled with weeds D:. You need to show me your character’s outfits sometime ^o^.

  • Those socks are spectacular!
    I have a sailorette playsuit from the 80s somewhere and you’ve inspired me to dig it out 🙂
    Have a great weekend…xXX

  • ugh i need those kishimoto cat otks so bad, hoping they’ll go on sale & asos will have a promo code so i can justify getting them. i use this site to keep track of my internet desires & it has so far been pretty good at keeping me from making rash purchases: https://www.wantworthy.com/ateliertovar

    also i have a package of goodies for you but need to find a big enough box to fit it all in!!

    • I hope they go on sale as well, they’ll still be expensive but more justifiable at least T-T. I love that site, so handy! But I’m scared it might cause me t buy even more haha?
      Omg I cannot wait!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

  • LOVE ALL OF THIS! <3 Clothing-wise we're pretty much on the same wave length right now! haha. I've been obsessing over sheer patterned socks & sailor-inspired stuff a lot lately. ::love:: Here's a dress I've been thinking of getting (I thought you might like the look of it, too!) https://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Deals/Clearance/Dresses//Hell+Bunny+Red+Sailor+Dress-761185.jsp
    & here are some socks that kinda remind me of Eley Kishimoto (but are a little more affordable) https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/glanage-leg/item/024-089/?s-id=borderless_browsehist_en

    • UGH I adore that dress! You should get it!! Aaah, I’ve wanted a sailor dress for so long, tere was once a pretty cheap one I thought of getting but friends told me its quality was too poor! Gah, one day… one day I’ll have a closet full of all kinds of sailor stuff ;_;

      Those socks are adorable!! I love how they have like three layers of socks? without the bulk! 😀 I’d totally get them if I hadn’t just made myself a shopping ban T-T

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