dress, shirt, shoes, belt: second hand, tie: borrowed


  • You look like a cute human version of minnie mouse styled by vivienne westwood. Erykah Baduh rules and so does bjork! šŸ™‚ maybe ill make you a playlist šŸ™‚

  • Love this look, that dress is cute and I’d never think of wearing a dress with a shirt and tie but it works so well. You’ve made some things that are generally menswear look very pretty.
    And though your days seem uneventful to you I still want to read about them <3


  • honestly i found myself avidly reading your post, like i really needed to know what happened next. you make riding on the bus and going to the grocery store, everyday mundane things, sound amazing! and now i wish you would write a book about your day to day activities, no matter how “uneventful”. i would totally buy it and cherish it.

    also i love your outfit as usual!

  • I must agree with jj– you write about your daily life in such a captivating manner! I can relate in feeling constant fatigue. I found myself skipping a lot of uni tutorials this term, and everything has seemed like a lot of effort. The stress can really build up. Hopefully we can both be strong and get through this situation!

    I am really loving that outfit on you, but I think I love anything resembling the lolita fashion aesthetic šŸ™‚

  • I’ve been wanting to read your blog for a while, because I’ve seen pics of your outfits scattered all around tumblr. I can’t stop obsessing over your adorable style! And you have the best taste in music! Erykah Badu, Bjork. Girl you are the coolest! Xoxo

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