Photo on 2013-10-27 at 12.23

i caused my own self misery so i dyed my hair purple, to become someone else for a little while, or rather to express an aspect of my own self; to emphasis my purple-haired sea and lady-bug nymph persona. helper of animals, destroyer of sadness, all while wallowing in it – just a little while though. Because this nymph, she obliterates wallowing with purple, the colour draped viscidly on my shoulders and sucks it to the strength of hair luscious hair and beautifully colored lips to where it belongs. Sadness in hairstrands to battle split-ends, sadness in lips on the outside. I took my battle outside, covered in my armor of fluff to keep warm, because nymphs gotta keep warm ya know, and Sonia Rykiel for H&M platforms to stomp the misery out of my body.

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