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So with my recent expensive purchase (totes funded by my parents) I went on thinking about consumerism and my own role in it. I came to the realisation that I only ever buy clothes, books and food & don’t throw anything away so I’ve decided to revisit forgotten parts of my own closet! It’s kind of like shopping, actually, it’s so huge that I forget what I own (I know, shame on me).


I found that top and remembered I’d only worn it twice or so. Mainly because those sleeves magnify my extreme clumsiness (almost set them on fire today! Yay me). But I love these colours :D. I’m still a little awkward about giant sleeves but after years of hating it, I kind of love the silhouette.


Obsessed with yellow + green + ORANGE as of late :D. I’ve been looking for this skirt for ages because it’s one of the two only high-waisted skirts I own that actually fits me. It’s second hand of course, new dresses and skirts NEVER fit me in the waist! It’s so frustrating. Anyway it randomly fell on my head while looking for shoes after I had spent the day before throwing out all my clothes in a desperate attempt to find it. WHERE WAS IT HIDING? I still don’t know.

Also, in lieu of consumerism:


  • I love the combination of these colours! It reminds me of Spring and Autumn at the same time.

  • Fab colour combo! 😀 I do love those sleeves. Part of me wants some big sleeves too, but I can’t even stand long sleeves, let alone big + long ones!

  • wow. that top is amazing. great outfit 🙂 and i completely agree about shopping in your own closet. after packing i realized i had clothing enough for years to come. it’s easy to add an accessory here or there [no self-promo intended] and freshen things up. here’s to buying less 🙂

  • LOVE the shirt and the big big sleeves. I’m clumsy too, (already imagined myself wearing your shirt and accidentally lighting the sleeves on fire!!) I love this post–I’ve been trying to think about my role in consumerism, not a happy subject or pleasant subject to think about 🙁

  • LOL I love that you almost set them on fire (I mean I don’t ENCOURAGE that, but it’s totally something I would do!)

  • I love you in this outfit. The colours look fantastic!

    Ah this video was awesome!!! Thanks for finding it. I kinda want to use it on my blog! hahaha


  • Dylan is a GENIUS. And those huge sleeves look awesome on you, I’m still on the hunt for perfect poet sleeves myself! About consumerism, I sort of justify buying clothes as a way of making myself feel better for the entire day. Decorations and knick knacks just stay at home but clothes are like your second skin.

  • looks great – i like the shirt especially. (:
    i think it’s fantastic to find such things in your own closet…

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