Also I am obsessed with 90s hair


This is such an obvious outfit but I had to post because I looove this skirt! I haven’t had the chance yet but preferably I’d like to a super-matchy outfit with it. I’m thinking navy tights, white shoes and somethingwhatever. The shoes I have in mind are off-white, vaguely inspired on Pokkuri’s & Vivienne’s rocking horse shoes but are comfier and are being sold in Antwerp. I want them so bad ;_;.

Pokkuri prettiness:


Also, I still want these. Possibly because I want to feel like Hermes and fly to an immortal world where everything is fabulous, get shoes for free and clouds are made of glitter.



  • Your outfit is ADORABLE in every way, I don’t care if it’s obvious XD. Aaaack that skirt, it’s so lovely *_*.

    I’m really curious towards those shoes now… Buy them so I can see them! XD

    • I hope I can convince my parents to get them for me because I can’t afford them! COMFY SHOES! Good enough reason hopefully 😀

  • Both those shoes are so freaking fantastic. I really want a pair like the first ones you posted, but I also want a kimono to wear them with. XD

    The skirt you’re wearing is so colourfull and childlike. I really like it. It makes me happy staring at it and actually gave me inspiration for illustration. 😀

    • Me tooo, I’m so obsessed with kimonos (see my pupe closet XD). When I’m going to Japan I’m buying one no matter what 😀

      Yayyyy! 😀

  • Hi! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for leaving a comment at No Signposts. And let me tell you: I love your blog, I’m surprised I haven’t found you earlier! You have adorable style!

  • I have been obsessing over rocking horse shoes for as long as I can remember.
    Too bad even the knock offs are waaay out of my price range. T__T
    A girl can dream,right?

    • UGH SAME HERE. Every month or so I keep checking back where I could possibly find some good ones, but to tell you the truth I’d be happier with the ones I saw that are vaguely inspired on them because they seem so much comfier. I’m not willing to break my ankles just yet XD

  • HOLY CRAP I NEED THOSE HERMES SHOES!! Greek mythology + Vivienne Westwood equals obvious WIN.
    And your skirt is amazing, I just keep staring at them spookily, it reminds me of those cut out paper doll clothing!

  • Ooh, this is a quintessential ’90s look and so awesome. I love your skirt and your hair!!

  • I’ve been wanting to try those rocking horse shoes since I’ve seen them (on guys!) in the NANA manga… but these come close enough.
    So where are these hermes ones sold in Antwerp?

    • Haha omg same here 😀
      The Hermes Viv. Westwood’s aren’t being sold in Antwerp though (sadly) they’re a collaboration with TopShop.

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