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For the (volunteering) work I am currently doing I am obliged to wear black on black, and must pair this with a specially tailored old second-hand waiter shirt. At start I felt uneasy and kinda loathed this get-up, but lately I have fallen in love with it. I only own two full black outfits, one of which is mine and another borrowed. This one is mine.




The day when I took these pictures I fell suddenly unwell and decided to go home. I went out and as I waited for a bus, my eyes shielded with my one hand and the other cupped around the rest of my face because any sensory info proved way too much for me, when, of course, several men bothered me. No way they inquired on my health but they pried on my obviously not feeling well and tried to take advantage of my frailty. This is not a first, many times before, and especially at night when going out proved too much for me and I sat outside feeling anxious and hot and drunk men fly over to girls like vultures and pry and pick and smooth-talk and take advantage of a clearly unwell person. I wish I could, in a situation like this, make vomit noises and turn my nose up at them like a proper teen or obnoxious twenty-something, but their obvious prying behaviour is so sickening it seriously frightens me. Basically, what I’m saying this is horrifying and gross and I hope everyone can keep safe in this situation and not fall into a smooth-talking dick’s trap when you are feeling a little unhinged outside on the streets.


  • I’m sorry to hear about the awful situations you experience with prying men, I have experienced this so many times and it is really scary 🙁 I think pretty much every woman I know has experience this too and it’s just ridiculous..I don’t know where these men get the nerve to treat women like that. I know that I am much weaker than most of these men but I’m trying to be tougher in my response to their harassment! Perhaps self defence classes are also a good idea?

  • Every time I see men trying to take advantage of women I get so angry I just wish I could turn into the hulk and throw tables at them.
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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