Remembrance of Earth’s Past

Liu Cixin has made me question every sci-story every invented for its lack of vision. Cixin’s The Three Body Problem was so grand in scope, so truly “hard sci-fi” yet at the same time managed to capture humanity, individualism, doubt uncertainty, unfailing hope. All while narrating the start and end of our entire universe (as we know it). When I first started the first novel of its trilogy I remember nearly wanting to quit on every […]

I said to myself, you can’t shatter open

“I said to myself, you can’t shatter open.” A sentence in Esme Weijung Wang’s The Border of Paradise. I told myself this often enough, I cannot shatter; even the smallest cracks weren’t allowed. And then. Not cracks. No shattering. Disintegration. Myself, my world and the chilling after-waves, still rippling across everyone and thing I was near. Some after-waves choking and drowning some, sometimes happily or sacrificially so. Time, opportunities, trust: long since washed away. It’s a […]


Skin, skin, skin! It’s been my top obsession these last two years.Foremost as an excuse to exhume the ghost out of my shell and melt together in one. Mindfully pat-pat-patting my skin reminded me I am flesh, bones, and sinews too. Skin structured my morning and night routine, almost feeling like a well-rounded person. Chaos got structured and filed next to adult-like files I just know nothing about. My skincare started simple, grew to routine […]

new song

I love this dress. I got it because it felt work appropriate and I’m always trying to find a balance between work and fun in my clothes. Reading the sartorial guidelines on a possible new job opening……. I am very much off the mark. Haha! It’s way too short and of course I cannot ignore my instinct to pair it with bright colours (so bright here). Oh well. No job yet. Maybe a break instead. […]


So anyways I was sad today and then my second Orla Kiely shoes arrived which went perfectly with the dress I just put on and they go so nice together. That’s such a cute coincidence and I needed to document that. It’s the coincidence I want to share not the shoes & the buying & buying & buying. Feelings, smiles and good things. That needs to be remembered. I need to document these tiny moments […]

greedy greedy greedy

Th exact moment I forgot how annoying taking outfit pics can be, screaming (whisper) to myself WHY? Because I love everyone who checks this lil space out once in a while. Resignation: nap while standing. Shoes by Orla Kiely, dress from a magical attic where vintage treasures made in exactly my size are silently waiting for me. Earrings by Poola Katarynya.


I mean…. My essay for Issue Four of Doll Hospital Journal! Click here for details. & buy buy buy ASAP if you’d like a hard copy edition of Issue Three! We’re currently accepting pre-orders til April 2. Not only will you get a lovely book to sit-stop-read, get calm, feel understood or get a chance to read others’ experiences with mental health. A digital copy of our latest will zoom right to you. No white-washing, manic […]

soft bip

I love how these turned out! I don’t really ever truly like my outfit pics but these some sort of vintage vibe and the colours are wonderful. The colours were born while I was trying to get rid of the yellow light in my room…Then there was also this one, in which I wanted to show my makeup… Sorta…. Also sorta 90s. Love it. In the second pic below you can also see my earrings that often […]


shoes: gift – dress: Pepe Jeans – shirt: gift – top/vest: gift Ohhh I look so tired and I’m only just getting started with my exam prep! Yikes. Anyways just wanted to share this outfit because I have the time and luxury today while I procrastinate on studying the French Nouvelle Vague. Also, this semester I’ve been interning, which propelled me to dress a little more adult-like, and sometimes stricter too. When I had a […]