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I’ve mostly been reading, not dressing up. Shocking, I know! But I recently felt the urge to visit my favourite second hand store and, lucky me, everything was sold for one euro! I got this perfect skirt, which you know I’m going to wear A LOT. I love polka dotted everything, reminds me of Yayoi Kusama of course, and I don’t know I think it’s just my favourite pattern; connotations: a little child-like, feminine, cheerful, […]

Book Gem: The Victorian Chaise Lounge by Marghanita Laski

I’d love to recommend you a book and it is as the above title says: The Victorian Chaise Lounge by Marghanita Laski! Google defines it as speculative fiction, which I guess it thoroughly is, but I’m willing to bet that if this were written by a man it could aso be tagged as sci-fi. Then again no man could write this, that is a fact. It is not feminist per se, but it tells of […]


Hello! As some of you might remember if you’ve been following this space for quite some time is that I used to draw quite a bit and stuff! Sadly, I don’t have the time for it anymore but I did recently uploaded some of my work to society6, where you can buy all sorts of stuff with my art on them! I’ve seen some finished products with my work on them and I have to […]

there is no self apart from the masquarade

Currently reading Appearance and Identity Fashioning the Body in Postmodernity, by Llewellyn Negrin. I love non-fiction at the moment! It’s an interesting read because it goes beyond the denunciation of cosmetics and fashion of earlier (i.e. turn of the century and the 70s, mostly) feminisms and claims dress and body are (somewhat?) intertwined; there is not a natural and thus no neutral body, there are only the never-ending masks we wear. There is the western-centric idea of […]

pat pat pat

  Here’s me patting and primping and colouring just because I find it relaxing to watch others put on makeup! I am using: – POREprofessional primer by benefit – Lancôme’s Miracle Cushion, shade 010 albâtre – a (literally) unbranded concealer – essence eyebrow pencil – MAC matte So Chaud (AB3) – L’Oréal Shine Caresse 200 Princess Maybe I should do this more, what do you think? It was relaxing to do. I also find very softly […]

Doll Hospital Journal

Shame on me for not having posted this earlier! Double shame because my everything goes in to this project. It means so much to me. I couldn’t be a prouder parent. Of course this means a lot to me because I deal with mental health issues, but by co-editoring (and more) as part of an amazingly creative, supportive and whip smart team I’ve also learned a lot; learned on what goes on behind the scenes of […]


dress: Pepe Jeans, top: H&M, socks: ?? they might not even be mine, shoes: dead stock from a market (the sole lights up in the dark!!) Wow I have terrible posture but anyways just wanted to show you the cute back of this shirt and my new haircut! What do you think? I’m not sure I like it. Sometimes I really do and other times I think it’s too feathery, you know what I mean? Yesterday […]

Makeup Chat : Lancôme Miracle Cushion

So, I’ve been so obsessed with skincare and makeup recently I thought I’d review some stuff! I personally love reading up on other people’s skincare and makeup regimen whether applicable to me or not. So I hope you’re interested as well! Anyways, I figured I’d start off with my current favourite product; Lancôme’s Miracle Cushion! First off, I need to disclose I totally just wanted a cushion because the concept of the packaging really speaks […]


I love the culottes trend atm! I mean, I currently love pants with bold patterns in general but there aren’t many that fit me so culottes it is. And what are these…. skulottes? Like skorts, remember those? Anyways, I love how awkward these are?? top: Zara, skulottes: Zara (I got some really cute things on sale!!), second top: second hand, belt: Kenzo (from my mom’s designer period, nice), shoes: Minju Kim for H&M