barbie twist

shoes: Up, top and skirt: second hand

Uniforms attract me right now. It’s easy to dress up when you have a very specific set of rules (or in this case ideas) to dress up. I don’t have the energy and creativity to dress up right now; I’ve been recycling outfits constantly but it’s starting to bore me. Maybe uniform inspired dress up could solve that! It reminds me of the time when I was so depressed I’m still in awe of how I ever got out of bed. But every day I dressed up with a very specific set of rules in mind. Sadly, those rules were born our of thinking that only specific items could make my body look acceptable. My clothes needed to be so tight-fitted, my waist so accentuated, my heels so high I could barely walk or breathe. Yet paradoxically this made me feel free. My clothes felt like a harnass that held my lethargic limbs together. I constantly seemed to hold my breath out of fear but my tight belt held my difficult breath in check; it made my difficulty to breath unnoticeable because it made it impossible to breathe freely.

I cannot analyse why I needed those heels though. Damn, those plastic and cardboard soles were hard to walk in on all these cobble stones.

But here’s to rules that make it easy for one to dress up and get out of the house! Here’s to rules to not look attractive. Here’s to rules to look attractive! Here’s to doing what you want. Here’s to feeling comfortable. And here’s to my ridiculous new room, too!


  • Here’s to! I can’t analyse either whether my current rules for dressing up (denim jacket, pin badges, leggings, ugly t-shirts) are an attempt to look attractive or not, but either way, I care not.

    Love your posts x

  • Your room is adorable in all it’s harmoniously organized clutter. Oh and I love your hair color!

  • Your writing is like a black hole o_o (I know that totally sounds awful but I mean it in the best possible way) I love reading your posts. And I think you look awesome.

    • haha that DOES sound awful but i trust you if you say you mean it positively šŸ˜€

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