cardigan: gift, two skirts layerd above each other: gifts, socks: asos, shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, top: second hand, belt: H&M

This wool knitted cardigan was a gift from a friend and, not to seem ungrateful; I thought I’d be even cuter if I’d embroidered some things on it myself! But I’m running out of ideas to embroider. So let me know if you have any more animal and plant-life possibilities for me to make because I still need to do the entire back… or should I just embroider nothing but BEES there? With a queen bee in the middle??! Maybe my current insect dreams are telling me something… The other day I dreamt I had a colony of bees with whom I shared a mutual love with. They recognised me by smell only though, so whenever I’d bathed and preened myself and come to greet the bees they’d sting me. You know what, bees are telling me I need to always be myself, that’s what.


  • hmmm… so what about a lady bug? I think they´re THE absolute summer symbol! And by the way – I´m glad you´re back blogging.
    I missed your regular posts for the last month.
    Be yourself and good luck

    • Yes, there’s already one on there in red and blue, but it’s on my sleeve so you can’t see it well! Hmmm, maybe I should do a swarm of both bees and lady bugs!!

  • This look is adorable! The cardigan looks really vintage and it’s so sweet with the gingham blouse. Your blog is amazing by the way; it’s one of my new favourites! xx

  • I LOVE THE IDEA OF BEES! Also, like Leila posted above, the cardigan looks vintage due to all the embroidery — I love it loads. I always adore your creativity, Eline! And now that I’m no longer bogged down with school, I can start actively reading your blog again, YIPPEE! <3

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