Bikini kill

I’ve been wanting to show my bikini for such a long time, but with all the obvious slight creepiness it brings about I never did. Until now! Flickr has not only taught me of the obvious tights and socks fetishes but also of slightly more marginal cardigan fetishes and the like. I just figured, whatever I do there’ll always be some unwanted attention. Also, seeing as it’s been so hot the past week this is basically what I wore most of the time, it’s just too hot to not only wear a decent outfit but also think of one. I can’t seem to cool off despite it having rained these past two day, blergh! And because I am currently doing a school project called ‘my magnificent body’ (love) I often take pictures of myself (to draw from, so these aren’t artistic photos or anything, not that I am capable of artistic photos whatever). So these are two of them.

Even though I’ve accepted possible creeps lurking I am putting these photos behind a cut anyway. Seriously.

I tend to occasionally lounge about my studio in this bikini. And with occasionally I mean a lot. I mean, look at it! The back has a detail once ingeniously named ‘bum wrinkles’. I can pull the briefs as high or as low as I want and it is just damn comfy!

I used to buy those shoddily-made retail bikinis until I just got so horribly fed up with worrying if everything was still in place etc. that I saved up for these. They are made by a local designer and I love it so! A couple of weeks back I went into the wildest water slide imaginable (I think I mentioned I almost drowned like three time PER RIDE?) and everything stayed put on me while everyone else’s bathing suits kept slipping off, hee!

Ignore my slightly dopey poses and out of focus face, I suppose. I didn’t mean to publish these at the time.

The great thing about this school project is how I’ve come to realise I’ve completely accepted my body. Two years ago I would’ve never thought whole acceptance would even be possible, but here I am all satisfied and happy with my body. Because, not only do I love my body for all the sensory pleasure it gives me, I am also thankful it works properly. I’ve come to see my body as a well-oiled organic machine that needs to be taken care of rather than an object that needs to be scrutinised and admired by others… And I am so much happier than before 😀


  • This is a beautiful post, Eline, and also you are beautiful in that bikini. I want to shield the creepers’ eyes and ask you to post more bikini photos!

  • I’ve seen you in your bikini already, but just want to say that it looks really good on you! 😀

  • I want one like that!! Very jealous now! I’m also think its great to hear you’ve accepted your body, i have no problem with my appearance and it’s a lovely feeling, hah!

    Ta for the comment, more old toy photos it is then 😀 xxxxxxxxxxx

  • I’d already seen it from the other pictures, but it’s the first time I’ve seen you in it and it suits you perfectly!

    I’m still looking for the perfect bikini *sighs*. I have a pretty one that’s comfy and all but it’s BLACK so that’s obviously not my dream. Maybe when I find mine I’ll post it too, though I doubt it (my family knows my blog and that would seem kind of awkward? XD)

    • Why would that be awkward? They’re your family! Surely they’ve seen you in a bikini before? My family knows my blog too.

      Also if you think about it rationally; if you can comfortably swim in a public swimming pool and populated lake, why can’t you show it to the internet without any awkardness? Surely there’s creeps in pools and lakesides too! Hah 😀

      Good luck on finding the perfect bikini! I think there’s cuter ones this year although I’ve only seen like two… XD

  • I love the bikini, especially the bottom half! The scalloped edges are very cool.

  • Hooray for body-love 😀 and hooray for comfy bikinis!!!

  • Eek, you look amazing, and are so brave with these shots cutie! Love the high waisted bikini too 🙂

  • (creeper mode): You have a bangin’ body girl. That bikini is really adorable, I can’t wear two-piece bathing suits, but th retro high-waist version is so cute! I fluctuate w/ body acceptance (shortness & tummy mostly) & it’s awesome to know it is possible!

  • That has got to be the cutest bikini I’ve ever seen! *.*
    I love the polka dots and scallop edges <3
    And you look totally amazing in it as well!


    You look SO amazing, I love the colours and the little scallop edges of the briefs!
    Also you look so comfortable in it, I think I’ll have to stop buying massed produced crap because I always tie it on too tightly for fear of everything slipping off! DX

    • Thank you! 😀 The edges of my bikini are actually little white and red stripes and not scallops though. I’m kinda wishing they were scallops now ha! 😀

      I think you might be able to find a decent bikini in retail though! If you look hard enough you might be able to find something that is decently structured and also the whole 50s bikini/bikini with giant briefs trend occasionally reappears! 😀
      But I know how it feels, it’s dreadful and really worth investing in!

  • Your positive words are an inspiration and investing in a good quality bikini is a great tip! thanks 😀

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