dress: hand-made by friend, socks: HEMA, shoes: swedish hasbeens, tights:, cardigan: second hand

My majestic gown was made by one of my closest friends who has the same lazy ideology of DIY-ing. The dress turned out way smaller than we reckoned but it caused a super cute babydoll silhouette that I instantly fell in love with! Aaah, I remember, with only the zipper needing to be added, it was a beautiful summer and I told him, take it easy but I need it when winter starts STAT. Still, it arrived, collar unfinished in my hands in early december and what a joy it was! I love wearing it, flaws and all because it’s hand-tailored and ruffled with love.

Note that this dress is not actually asymmetrical but I have actual bad posture.


  • Such a RICH-looking dress. And I like this area of plants!

    It sucks that honest talk about mental states has seen sponsorship fall off. I hope generous appreciators fill your donation jar UP!

  • Ohhh that dress is lovely! Even better that it is hand-tailered and hand-ruffled [I feel the pain!!] with love ^_^
    I hope your money issues sort themselves out soon.

  • Wow! Once again, amazing colors! The dress reminds me of vintage Laura Ashley styles, because of the rich, colorful floral print and the adorable cut (an accident, really? I’d say a fortunate twist of sartorial events! šŸ™‚ ).

    Your blog is a neverending cornucopia of eye candy!

    Also, it’s nice to see you wearing more visible make-up more often, bright colors really suit you and you know exactly how to balance them (but then again, don’t we all know you’re a natural when it comes to mixing colors in style).

    I was gonna add something about how good your hair looks, and this and that but I’d better stop before I turn into a fountain of sap, or an ass-kisser!

    I hope your money situation arranges too, and I know but too well how you feel right now (completely broke T_T). When I finally land a job and stop counting literally every penny, I’ll consider donating to your blog from time to time!

    You’re gonna make a hell of a librarian! šŸ™‚

  • I love your outfit & am sincerely sorry for your money woes! I just wanted to comment to say those things and also I just added you on Goodreads, if you don’t feel comfortable accepting my friend request (I think thats what its called on goodreads) I totally understand because I’ve never actually met you, though I love your blog! Usually I lurk and don’t comment because I’m lazy but let it be known that you have a fab blog I love to read. šŸ™‚

  • Seriously rockin’ royal frock lovely! I adore the shape of the sleeves and the ruffles on the gathers are superb! Sometimes we get some delightful surprises when we’re sewing – some of the least expected treasures, even better than we initially anticipated! I like your honesty … thank you for keeping your blog real:) xo

  • You are sooooooooooooooo lovely. I have to stay, follow you and add you to my blroll this second.
    I love the little piggy moving its legs, ahhhhhhhhh

  • I appreciate how ~real~ you keep your blog. I just accepted my first ever sponsored thing and I am feeling pretty weird about it? I have a post in the works. Anyway, I love your regal outfit very much. The colours are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with imperfect clothing.

  • omygoood, you’re the most sunny, colorful and pretty person in the world~
    and I love your new hair ::chick::

  • Gorgeous šŸ™‚
    And all the more awesome for having been made just for you šŸ˜€

  • you have such an eye for COLOR! it’s why i think i was drawn into your style in the first place and it’s why i continually appreciate your posts

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