So! I have been freaking out over my financial situation, a financial situation, possible future financial situations and all of the imaginable financial situations, while yesterday I asked what I could possible to for you, or anyone who to pay me, someone kind on tumblr just plain and said it that asking for help is important. Here I am asking for help. I’ve added a little text to my sidebar that explains my financial school related anxiety and a little donate button. I don’t expect much, I don’t expect anything. But asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. We can all do this. Also, on another note, look at how cute I am!



Uhm, hello, of course I match my underwear to my outfits. Thank you.


pants: Marimekko, shirt: wl&t by Walter Van Beirendonck, shoes: Minju Kim for H&M, sweater: gift/second hand, coat: gift/Metamorphose

And look at this coat!! Another gift of my personal-shopper-patron-saint. Amazing. The hood fluff even has little ears. I can’t deal with this amount of cuteness. I need to stop writing because if I think about this coat much longer I am actually going to pass out and this post will never get up.

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