Hello hello! Yesterday I found out my grades, I’d been secretly hoping my life these past months would suit well in an 80s montage with a superb ending of victory, but of course real life is anything like movies. I failed 3 courses, could not partake in 1 and only passed 2. I worked hard all throughout the year, and ended up being too exhausted to study for my last exam; picture me studying while crying for hours. I had a little bit of a really harsh mental breakdown. Picture last minute emergency docter visits. But I am one of those obnoxious people who have never before had to study in their life (a simple read was more than enough for me), now that courses have expanded and I need to cram every single detail and name it’s only natural that I’m still finding my own personal study method and schedule. I am convinced I can learn how to learn, and I am convinced I’m not even that far off on my proper method! My failed grades aren’t even that low! I can do this!!! Meanwhile here’s me looking fab. I literally haven’t taken off this shirt (except to sleep) since I got it on Sunday. It totes smells because it’s basically made out of plastic. Who cares? I certainly do not, prolly the people around me care but hey, that’s what you get for hanging out with me.



  • Sorry to hear about your classes. I’m freaking out about mine at the moment and it’s making me a most unpleasant person. I know you’ll do better the second time around!!!

    • Try not to freak out so much and send all the freaking energy in doing the best that you can!!! If you can’t stop yourself from freaking out then that’s fine too, give it your all, but remember that school is just school and take it easy on yourself <33 We can do this, we're here together!!!! let's give it our all and kick butss!!!!!

  • glad you’re back to posting and i love the green shirt. wear it until the stink is blinding.

    i struggle a lot with my mental health (anxiety, panic attacks, depression) and i appreciate you bringing it up on the blog rather than just glossing over it.

    anyway i’ve been reading your blog for a long time and i just wanted to give some support.

    xo ::runningpig::

    • hahah yesssss to the shirt comment <333333

      thank you! i wnat 'o both break the stigma and also give myself a place to vent and find like-minded people <3 it's important to talk!
      thank you so much!! <333 ::love::

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