Boys in bikinis


Sooo I’m trying not to do that thing where I lose complete track of time and forget to wash my hair but I am anyway. Exams started Monday and already I’m living in a twilight zone where the terms day and night have no meaning, clothes are unnecessary and coffee is meant to be drunk all day long. It’s not like this is justified by my INTENSE studying behaviour or anything because I truly am the worst student in the entire history of bad students. I basically spent the last couple of days watching embarrassing amounts of 30 rock (and I mean embarrassing) yet my exams went pretty good anyway. I don’t know how I do it but I applaud myself.



I’m feeling pretty preppy today! The weather has been so lovely as of late! I absolutely adore it on one hand, but despite it on the other. The little breeze early in the morning and the soft heat on your skin later in the day is one of the most amazing feelings ever. That change always makes me think of how happy I’ was when it was time to abandon my winter coats as a kid (I hated all coats I bought till the age of 16) and put on a light cardigan instead. YAY!! I’d go and do a little introverted dance. Yet I do tend to still hate sun because most of my wardrobe is made up of fall clothes (and you know how important dressing up is to me – I have a blog dedicated to it after all). I tried shopping for some airy breezy fabrics the other day but I ended up with wool skirts and thick thick cardigans instead. Except this skirt! I might just challenge myself to like summery fashions this year. But it just seems so dull with the lack of layering and I just absolutely hate the awful bodily function that is sweating which mostly makes me just want to wear nothing but a bikini all through summer. If only it were possible… Insert some wistful sighing…


  • Ooh new layout! 😀

    Also, I *just* started watching 30 Rock XDD. The timing!

    And I love these outfits but I do love summer fashion so yeah.

    Good luck with the rest of your exams!

  • that skirt is so beautiful and bright it doesnt look real. Like, you cut out a picture of a skirt from a comic book and stuck it on your outfit photos.

    Ahhh, the study time coffee addiction. I’m done exams and trying to work myself off caffeine, but I don’t think I can do it. withdrawal headaches 🙁

  • I know! It seems like all winter I wait and wait until I can finally wear some summer-y clothes. Then when it gets to be May all I want to wear are fall clothes x_x
    Well, on another note: I absolutely adore that sailor top! It looks so good with that skirt too!

  • Sailor top!! Just in time for the crazy marine trend happening right now!
    The second outfit looks like a F.Scott Fitzgerald X Enid Blyton collaboration, lovely.

    I wanna wear winter clothes so much and do all sorts of crazy layering >w<

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