Boys with sunshine faces

I’ve been listening to late 80s and early 90s shoegaze and other alt rock with noise walls and vague lyrics and voices. This apparently translates itself into plaid with me.



While actually this is what most ethereal rock it looks like according to their videos (check out Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine):


Also, I was recently tagged by the lovely pennycones to make a list of things I’d like to see fulfilled by the time I’m forty. Now, forty is still in a far distant future for me and I normally find myself completely incapable to look in the future so this was difficult but I did find some things:

1. Own at least 9 cats at one point in time
2. Pet an owl
3. Become so unfathomably rich that I could live the isolated and eccentric life I want to lead
4. With that last point I want to own a collection of hats and clothes as crazy as Anna Piaggi’s
5. Travel to New York, Tokyo, Kyoto and all around Northern Europe
6. Live in one of my favourite metropolis until I realise I’m far too lonely and move back to Ghent and hug these gorgeous medieval buildings with tears of joy
7. Still be awesome and not bitter
8. Dress up as a Guerilla Girl OR BE ONE
9. Drive a Datsun-Z, possibly buy it and paint it leopard
10. Publish a really inane book. Possible titles: How to be your awesome self in a leopard coat, 10 sentences of joy and cats, Awesomeosity, Pets are amazing

Inanity aside! I’d like to bring your attention to the fact that the really awesome and amazing WORN Fashion Journal has suffered a terrible set back. WORN’s a completely independent magazine that strives to show diversity in fashion/style which is something much needed in this overflow of magazines sticking to their own boring beauty ideal & bombarding us with ads. So if you have a little money left this month donate some or buy your own copy of WORN. Because it’d be heartbreaking to see another original and inspirational magazine fold.


  • Aww, shoegaze, so awkward :D. It’s one of my favourite music ‘genre’ names.

    I’m wearing an eerily similar red tartan skirt!

  • You have a really great writing style! Also, I adore the webdesign of your blog – did you make it yourself? Oh – and where’s the coat from?

    • Thank you! šŸ˜€ I got the coat from Camden Market a couple of years back & Eric Crooks designed this blog template (see the footer) while I messed with it a little and opted for bright colours, too.

  • I too would very much like to stroke an owl.

    (..I just commented on your outfit via flickr, and found my way here purely by accident. Weird!)

  • I swear you are getting cuter and cuter!!! I would wanna read How to be your awesome self in a leopard coat but PETA will probably hound after you relentlessly XD

  • Plaid is great, except that pattern you’re wearing. It’s my old all-girl religious school uniform pattern (yes, the exact pattern!). I hated that place, I’d have to be paid very handsomely to wear that pattern again šŸ™‚

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