Lately I’ve been a little too careless with my money. I suppose after a five month stint in super expensive Switzerland and having hardly any money left after that, not really ever having had a lot of money, but suddenly getting rewarded with a huge paycheck of my summer job that I don’t need to necessarily save, it isn’t all that surprising that I’ve been careless. But I’ve been disappointed in myself regardless because I’ve been neglecting my shopping rules. Admittedly, I did so consciously because I kept remembering my introduction to second hand and incredibly cheap shopping where I’d pretty much buy anything remotely nice (or even astonishingly ugly just to gaze and wonder at) and where I’d end up cutting and DIY-ing to the max and having so much fun, but all the while knowing that I’d end up throwing away a lot of stuff and so throwing away money (even if these things cost like one euro a pop I can’t support that ideology). I missed the fun I had! I missed my carelessness! But ultimately I got too swept away, and because second hand has gotten increasingly popular it also got increasingly more expensive. I still know where to look to get my one euro amazing finds, but seeing as I’ve built up such an incredible wardrobe already there’s really no need to find fun in money-carelessness. I already have a huge pile of things that I’ve bought over the years and was disappointed with when I got home. So I am officially making October the month where I buy not one piece of clothing or whatever and focus on the stuff I have lying around that were disappointing buys but can be altered into something useable and even amazing! I’ll try to do at least one outfit post a week but would love the get up two. I’ve been lazy though and slightly busy so I can’t really say for sure.

This dress is only a vague introduction though; I didn’t do that much to it. I got this either for one or two euro and knew it didn’t fit me well but my friend convinced I could easily cut open the sleeves for a better fit. When I got home I realised it didn’t fit my chest either. Sadfaced tears. After a while of wearing it braless, which hardly helped, I suddenly realised I could alter the seams and now I have a super cute heart-shaped buttoned, crochet collar doll dress that actually fits me!

The shoes I got from a friend years ago even though they didn’t fit me I held on to them because I kept forgetting how they flopped off my feet every time I took a step. Today I decided to do something about it and just add a couple of elastic bands with staples (!) and I can walk with them comfortably now!

Socks are Happy Socks (seven euro), which is one of my more extravagant addictions (they make me so happy!). I don’t even remember where I got my belt but I do know I’ve never paid over one euro for a belt. By the looks of it and my mindset of a couple of years back I’d say I would’ve paid a maximum of ten cents for this. The pretty pearl pin was my great-grandmother’s. So in total my outfit cost me a maximum of nine euro and ten cents and I made it work just by perseverance and a tiny little amount of time. Yay!


  • I love this! I likewise have a giant pile of stuff that I was enthusiastic about at the thrift store but was disappointed in once I got it home. You are inspiring me to finally deal with it in some way!

    • Yaayyy I am glad that my own initiative is inspiring to others too and especially to a fabulous lady such as you šŸ˜€

  • Oh please do regular outfit posts! I wish I had the looks/balls to carry off your outfits, so they always give me a little bit of vicarious pleasure. And this is awesome, tis one of the best feelings to take something unloved/unused and spruce it up. It’s a process that makes even special things more special.

  • Your outfit posts are always so colourful and unique! And it’s so cool how you alter/make your own clothes, I would never have the talent to do that!

    • Altering clothes is actually really easy! You just have to know where to let a seam out or take one in, cut some sleeves off or not etc. I guess I should try to detail how I alter my clothes then you’ll see I know you could do it ^O^

  • I am so in awe of how incredible your D.I.Y. skills are *__* This is such a gorgeous look, I am in love with the heart shaped buttons and collar!

    Good luck with your October clothes buying freeze, and I really hope we will get to see more of your posts on here! They really are so much fun to read and really inspiring. Also, thank you so much for the two wonderful comments you left on my blog – I really appreciate it! :33 I will definitely try to see “In the Realm of the Senses” soon, and look up tutorials for tote bags and circle skirts!

    • I am actually super lazy and clumsy but once you know how to do a little pinch here and there altering clothes is super easy! I’ll try to detail how I’ve been altering my clothes too!

      Thank you so much ā™” and yay šŸ˜€

  • I really enjoyed reading your post on shopping rules. I always think I’m subverting the consumer paradigm through second hand shopping, but if I don’t use the clothes I buy, I’m just as bad as mall rats. I think I shall blog about all the useless op shop things I have purchased.
    Thanks for this šŸ™‚

    • Nah, I think second hand shopping is pretty decently anti-consumerist (especially in our typical middle-class western world) but I just can’t get over my feelings of guilt over wasting my money on clothes when I could be buying books or delicious food or whatever. It’s just a personal story I’m relating here and there. But yes about blogging useless thrift finds! šŸ˜€

  • I really love your blog,it’s always a super interesting read(I really enjoyed the below post on sexualised childish girliness and how does this fit with feminism). Your outift is adorable as well as inspiring, as always.It’s nice to find iternet gems such as you.

  • This is lovely dress, I especially love the collar.
    I’ve also been trying to limit my spending on clothes to a bear minimum ~ which used to be very difficult, but now I find I get a high that I used to get from shopping by finding new outfits in old clothes than well… spending on new clothes.

  • Everything about this dress is fantastic! The buttons, collar, colour…I could go on XD And of course the socks šŸ™‚

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