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Wearing this outfit I hate myself that I am reminded the inescapable discussion on Lana Del Rey’s authenticity, or rather her lack of. Because, yeah, musicians are always authentic and in no way have they ever cashed in on playing with ideas of authenticity and identity, and in no way does a musician’s persona change overnight ever, right? This era is the era of authenticity in which no one online cultivates a persona that is drastically different from their faces behind screen, and in no way is a play on persona vs. identity ever interesting when played on it so see-through. And also, did you know? Having a set of identities with a set of various aesthetics is totally phony because there’s only one rigid template for one person ever to fit in, and you can all judge it by its superficial cover while you try to figure out your own identity yourself.

What are you but a sad variant of and already sad and phony Holden Caulfield, internet? Oh, internet.

Daily internet hatred aside, I felt obliged to google old pin-up hairdo’s the other day and I came across a super easy tutorial of victory rolls which basically just entails rolling your hair up and setting it with bobby pins. Naturally, I immediately went about with this hairdo, a zebra printed mini-skirt, this mohair cardigan, a bra and red lipstick to scrub my floors while singing along to some Motown, because that’s what you do. Since that day I only felt a stronger urge to dress up older and older and so I got out this dress which I once found caked with dust on the bottom of a trunk while at the flee-market. I hardly ever wear it, but I love it so much. I love the bright buttons, and the cut and that little bow tie and how damn old it must be, and just also the fact that I found it caked with dust on the bottom of the trunk. It was so romantic, it’s almost like the start of a really generic indie flick.


  • I’d love to have seen your scrubbing-floors outfit. An indie flick about beautiful, old dresses wouldn’t be so bad, you know! It would be like 27 dresses, but good.

  • You are so awesome. Your words and lovely new hairstyle and basically- everything you do! I totally look forward to more updos. Also, what perfect vitriol (the word is too harsh but such a good word) you posted. I totally agree. Being of a multitude of identities myself in many ways šŸ™‚

    AND I originally came here to give you this link-
    Because! Not only are there swan tights BUT! BUT! giraffe tights! I really can’t believe it.

    • Aw, thank you!

      Those tights are one of the greatest things that has ever happened to this universe *______*

  • Adorable as always. I love the hair so much, it makes the outfit look even cuter.

    I rather like Lana Del Ray. I don’t care much about what a singer looks like as long as I like the music, so I don’t really get the debate.

  • *______* You keep outdoing yourself Eline! I absolutely adore the way you have your hair here (lately I have been pincurling my hair in a desperate attempt to distract from growing out my black hair back to it’s natural state!).

    Also, thank you so so much for your comment on my last two posts :’3 :’3 I think we all know it really is you whom is the perfect one here ^^ I really hope you do end up making cards for Galentine’s day, because I would love to see what you come up with! Also, I am kind of obsessed with wearing sheer fabric and shells now *__* I had some problems getting the shells to stay because they are kind of heavy, but after letting them set overnight with quite a bit of tacky glue they seem quite secure!

  • I love your posing in this photo, hehe! The hair came out amazzzing, great job šŸ˜® i’ve always wanted to try victory rolls! My hair might be a little bit too long for it but i might try the front and do a long gibson girl in the back šŸ˜€ you’ve inspired me.
    Oh oh, i think ages ago you left a comment asking what glue i used to stick the eyeballs on to my necklace? It was U-hu glue, i don’t know if it’s washable or not but i reckon it’d be a LOT stronger than fabric glue. Hope we get to see gemed up socks n stuff now šŸ˜‰ xxxxx

  • I wish i could do my hair as gorgeous as that. So pretty, but my hair just falls out :/ Pretty outfit though šŸ™‚

  • Your musings are quite interesting to read… I’ve heard of her before and she is Someone who you cam think a lot about… On a different note your outfit is quite lovely, for some reason it made me think twin peaks… Hmmm… Anyway your poses are also quite prettyful, you look like a model almost, the model industry is another thing which is interesting to think about…

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