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shoes: neosens, skirt: hand-made, socks, happy socks, everything else second hand

After over a year, I decided to finally wear this skirt when yearning for pattern combinations. I don’t own enough bold and bright patterns! The skirt I made myself in continuation with my lazy ideology of patternless sewing. But maybe not so much because I made this by tracing another skirt I own. It is a half circle skirt that drapes beautifully. A thick enough fabric (this was made of a semi-stiff cotton bedspread) and a straight waistband but two pieces of rounded fabric make sure half circle skirts fall like this in my experience. I really want to make a full circle skirt next and I found a really in-depth tutorial at Elegant Musings that goes through every step from taking measurements, drafting and sewing every step along the way via the tag ‘circle skirt sew along‘. My lazy self will probably never ever do this because, like, why can’t everything just fall in my hands for free without any effort?


  • I totally agree, my laziness keeps me from sewing my own clothes. I totally have the time and have an okay amount of ability… but I’m just like “ehhh… do i really want to put in this effort when I can just buy or thrift one of these? Ehhh.”

    Apparently the word “eh” is said when you’re far to lazy to make actual words.

  • These skirts were SO totally worth the effort though! I love how you added a contrasting gingham hem to the floral one, it’s adorable! *o*

    • That means so much coming from you ā—‰_ā—‰. I agree though! I also really took care of the finishing touches like good seams and stuff. I didn’t make the pink one though šŸ˜€

  • haha snorlax! (I’m impressed I remembered who it was)

    I love your old jumper top and these patterns are really special, such an edible jacket.

    You’re great at sewing, if you ever make your elaborate skirt it’s gonna be lovely fo sho!

  • I love that you mention being lazy and I see Snorlaxes all over your blog.

    Loving those socks with the outfit! It was a pleasant surprise to see such a bright yellow amidst so much pink and orange.

    • Haha yes, Snorlax is currently an apt metaphor for my current state of mind ;_;


      Alsoooo totally missing your internet presence ;_________________;

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