pat pat pat

  Here’s me patting and primping and colouring just because I find it relaxing to watch others put on makeup! I am using: – POREprofessional primer by benefit – Lancôme’s Miracle Cushion, shade 010 albâtre – a (literally) unbranded concealer – essence eyebrow pencil – MAC matte So Chaud (AB3) – L’Oréal Shine Caresse 200 Princess Maybe I should do this more, what do you think? It was relaxing to do. I also find very softly […]

Makeup Chat : Lancôme Miracle Cushion

So, I’ve been so obsessed with skincare and makeup recently I thought I’d review some stuff! I personally love reading up on other people’s skincare and makeup regimen whether applicable to me or not. So I hope you’re interested as well! Anyways, I figured I’d start off with my current favourite product; Lancôme’s Miracle Cushion! First off, I need to disclose I totally just wanted a cushion because the concept of the packaging really speaks […]

nigeru mono

Hiya hiya hiya HIYAAAAA! I’m so psyched today! I’ve been a terrible annoyance lately because I’ve been subconsciously really stressed about my grades, but today I got them and it was the best I’d hoped for, even more; i got some actualy GOOD grades too! Yay! BLESS. Bless all of my internet spaces and everyone who reads them; I’m finally gonna stop whining about it. Let that be it. Let school rest for a while […]


Hello hello! My exams are finally over!! I have a good feeling about them, not because I might’ve passed all of them (not at all) but I finally found out how to cram stuff! YAY. Now my future student career looks a little brighter and it was worth all the sighing, moaning and hard work. pants: WL&T by Walter Van Beirendonck (found via eBay), shoes: market, top: Minju Kim for H&M   More importantly, I […]


For posterity I like to continue to post my plethora of selfies I post on tumblr but because I’m afraid tumblr might loose track of my vanity but since this place is my self-controled kingdom this can’t happen here. A moment of silence for all these self-love moments. I wish I could break off little pieces of my moments of intense self love and store them to dole them out to others and also, on […]


Feeling a little sad and demotivated trying to study again, so here’s a cute outfit I wore a little while ago! dress: second hand, collar: from a coat that was a gift, socks: gift/Kling, belt: forgot Also a small anecdote! When I decided to let my hair grow long all I really wanted to do it for was pigtails and braids as long as these & the soft feeling of loose hair on a bare […]


OH HI HELLO! In my own excitement I forgot to share I will be a contributor to my #1 favourite make up blog, powder doom, that just got a makeover by one of my #1 fave babes, Kailey! WHAT? I know omg. I’m so psyched. If you have anything you’d want me to write about let me know, but I have a few ideas I’m working on already! Here‘s my very first post, in which […]

make UP!

I just finished up my submission to Kailey’s make up blog and it reminded me I keep wanting to compile a couple of my favourite make up looks I’ve done in the past couple of months but which I’ve only posted on tumblr. So here they are. 4 school dr’s visit (i LIKE the messy eyeliner OK) casual christmas eve with friends just hanging out, doing nothing make up look ok i think that was […]


I’ve been experimenting with makeup and documenting it via the terrible Photobooth because I am too lazy to get out my camera. It hardly captures the colours, like, at all but it serves as a personal reminder. Top left to right: pink eyeshadow w/ black eyeliner and red lipstick, red red red (lipstick used as eyeliner, does the trick when layered with eyeshadow!), orange lipstick and eyeshadow w/ yellow eyeliner (it is so terrible, like […]