Skin, skin, skin! It’s been my top obsession these last two years.Foremost as an excuse to exhume the ghost out of my shell and melt together in one. Mindfully pat-pat-patting my skin reminded me I am flesh, bones, and sinews too. Skin structured my morning and night routine, almost feeling like a well-rounded person. Chaos got structured and filed next to adult-like files I just know nothing about. My skincare started simple, grew to routine […]

hello there

Hey! Hello!! How have you been? What have you been up to?? What are you gonna wear for Halloween tonight? It’s been so long since I was here!! For a while there I thought I might stop posting completely. Yet here I am. Showing off my new coat (it has pockets!!). It’s the only coat I wear these days. coat: second hand, pants: marimekko, shoes: martin margiela (second hand)Oh and my hair is short! I haven’t […]