Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata, Ginny Tapley Takemori (Translator)

Murata’s novel is a short story that follows protagonist, Keiko, leading the life of a social outlier in Japan. Written in an admiringly clear and succint language this may come off as banal, yet this book is compelling from start to finish. At first glance the story is funny, the writing flows superbly but more than that it offers interesting questions of identity, social attitudes and values. And it does so without any clear moral […]

Remembrance of Earth’s Past

Liu Cixin has made me question every sci-story every invented for its lack of vision. Cixin’s The Three Body Problem was so grand in scope, so truly “hard sci-fi” yet at the same time managed to capture humanity, individualism, doubt uncertainty, unfailing hope. All while narrating the start and end of our entire universe (as we know it). When I first started the first novel of its trilogy I remember nearly wanting to quit on every […]

Book Gem: The Victorian Chaise Lounge by Marghanita Laski

I’d love to recommend you a book and it is as the above title says: The Victorian Chaise Lounge by Marghanita Laski! Google defines it as speculative fiction, which I guess it thoroughly is, but I’m willing to bet that if this were written by a man it could aso be tagged as sci-fi. Then again no man could write this, that is a fact. It is not feminist per se, but it tells of […]

there is no self apart from the masquarade

Currently reading Appearance and Identity Fashioning the Body in Postmodernity, by Llewellyn Negrin. I love non-fiction at the moment! It’s an interesting read because it goes beyond the denunciation of cosmetics and fashion of earlier (i.e. turn of the century and the 70s, mostly) feminisms and claims dress and body are (somewhat?) intertwined; there is not a natural and thus no neutral body, there are only the never-ending masks we wear. There is the western-centric idea of […]

let’s talk about books

Hey, it’s been a long time! I don’t know, I’ve been feeling increasingly alienated by the internet. Well, alienated in general actually. But maybe more so by the internet as a standalone world? It’s become so huge and amorphous, yet at the same time so utterly small it’s suffocating. Whereas it used to be easy to find spaces online as a refuge from daily life, now it’s become almost impossible. I feel like it’s all […]

The Pupa Woman

Quite a while ago I wrote something about Jun Togawa for the now sadly defunct Untitled Mag. I suddenly felt the urge to revisit my thoughts, dove into the Wayback Machine and grabbed a cache. What follows is basically the original text but with some changes added. First I wanted to remember how I felt about her, how she has influenced me, but by reading this I realise she’s still sewn within myself, and she’ll […]

unfold in a generous way

How do you get so stuck in our ways? Why do we push ourselves so hard? My life is only school school school right now. It’s making me physically ill. I am so hurt by the constant never-ending struggle of chasing after money I cannot catch. Anxiety festers and rots me to my core. I am a tight knot and I cannot entangle myself. It’s not meant to be a strife It’s not meant to […]

it’s not up to you

Obviously I’ve immersed myself into Vulnicura, Björk latest album, already. But with every Björk album I grow closer and deeper and more entertwined. It’s a time process of getting to unravel so many sensitivities, let alone the music itself. So I want to revist a song I need to revisit often: It’s Not Up to You. Because it’s not up to you. Because because beacuse I feel so often: I wake up And the day […]

Am I doing it? Can I have it all now?

I feverishly listened to Kate Bush’s Suspended in Gaffa since I was 21. At 26 it still touches me to my core. Maybe it’s a quentesential generational thing for me, maybe it’s about the terifying fear of twenty-somethings promised to be able to have it all and being slapped by reality and cowering away. I don’t want it all but the power inside of me speaks so loud and wants it all. But I cannot. […]