les battements d’ailes d’une p’tit papillion

good morning from batoidea on 8tracks Radio. I went to a butterfly garden the other day and took photos with my necono camera because its over-the-top colours make for awesome nature images and I love these so much, I want to share them! Above is a fitting 8tracks mix I made after and before I went to this garden, though it’s been something that’s been in development for a long time.

back 2 school

After realising my increasing discontent, but mostly straight up frustration and pent up anger about being jobless and broke I confronted myself and decided to go back to school. It’s gonna be hard, expensive, frustrating, tiring but not as much as being stuck in jobs that I don’t like. Now that I can still change it I am going to! I am scared but excited. School has never seemed an ideal place for me and […]


Runway fashion doesn’t move me as it used to but today something got me all excited; some of Antonio Marras’s SS13 inspired by women of the Bloomsbury group. This collection in general is filled with harsh silhouettes yet flowing and deeply romantic but paired with a dark purple lipstick and harsh eye make up it makes me feel the discontent the women would have probably faced in the Bloomsbury group. Virginia Woolf is one of […]

✩ F R I E N D S ✩

Feeling feverish and hot-tempered and very emotional over THINGS right now so here is a wishlist that I deserve but will never get ::sheep:: . Every once in a while I’m like what’s Eley Kishimoto doing this season? and then I cry. ::broken:: ::drops:: ::bomb::

Rainbow moon heart ache!

I’ve been feeling like a big cry baby lately, so I need to talk about Sailor Moon! Usagi Tsukino, is a big cry baby but always manages to get up, wipe off her tears and kick ass! I feel the same overwhelming negativity or powerlessness Usagi is often confronted with, so lately I have been channeling Usagi to remind myself of my inner princess, and in turn get up on my feet again like a […]

Kimono Hime

Kimono Hime is a magazine that features a style of kimono mixed with contemporary accessories such as high heels, giant fluffy earmuffs, shawls etc. In doing so it breaks the rules of wearing kimono but, maybe because the art of wearing kimono are so incredibly vast, intricate and thus daunting, this technically incorrect way of styling of Kimono Hime has been partially responsible for a resurge in wearing kimono in Japan and it’s an beautiful […]

Woman of Pupation

“There is a feeling I’ve had ever since childhood: that there exist many different “worlds” and I was born in the wrong one, a world I don’t quite fit into. I’ve felt this strong feeling of wrongness all through my life. There is no space for me in this world. Every time I believe I’ve finally found my place, someone comes to me and says “Go away! You’re not supposed to be here.” I am […]

Electric Dress

“To come closer to the ideal ‘self’, for instance to become a cheerful, bright and kind person, or to be a good wife and mother of the family, or a company employee who is responsible on the job and in society, one would try to internalize expressions and gestures and to fashion a manner of speech which approximates the ideal image. However, such an ideal image is in fact a construction that has already been […]

Sweety, darling!

Meadham Kirchhoff spring summer 2012 collection is giving me some serious fashion flashbacks from Absolutely Fabulous’ Bubble. Coincidentally (or maybe I’m recognising Bubble consequentially) I’ve only recently rewatched and capped everything but season 1 (couldn’t find my dvd ;_;) which conveniently, I’ve already capped years ago with an obnoxious font plastered all over them. It’s not all about Bubble though, I also really love Eddie’s closet a whole lot. It’s kind of ironic how I […]