This time I’m gonna keep me all to myself.

Bjork’s Pagan Poetry song and video means a lot to me. There’s a lot of symbolism going on, but it matters nothing to me. To me, the song, especially combined with the video is about finding a love, a secret pleasure so good, so pure, she will keep it all to herself. But not an external love in the shape of a person. She found it in the darkest part of herself. It’s scary but […]

summer POP!

A moodboard feels kinda ’08, no? But I felt like making one! I want my summer to be filled with bold, clashing and bright patterns, a little mix of black&white, some kick ass clunky shoes (clunky as in seemingly awkward but designed to perfection) and some poppy, kid-like cuteness like a food-shaped tiny bag! It feels very busy and that’s exactly how I want to be. Details: ✿ Romwe pinapple bag ✿ Eley Kishimoto over-the-knee socks ✿ Marimekko Unikko fabric ✿ vintage […]

stand up you’ve got to manage

I had a small or not so small breakdown recently. That’s ok. It happens, relapse happens. I am strong enough; I can do this. One of the things that never fails to help me; or rather one of the things that make me cry while I’m curled in in a ball of misery, one of the things that slowly unfurl that ball of misery just a litte less tight is a couple of songs. Firstly, […]


me listening to Blow; it’s almost sacriligious to post selfies when talking about Beyoncé, but there’s so many good looks and stills to choose from her album I just couldn’t choose!! Who has been crying over the goodness that is Beyoncé’s visual album? Not gonna, lie I was completely teary-eyed after I marathonned them all. You can watch them here, but if you have the money I really feel you should buy it. Usually I […]

Never Give Up!!

I’ve seen this super cute video floating by on tumblr ocassionally and finally watched it and was immediately overcome by shame because I hadn’t clicked on it before. Of course I am exaggerating when I say shame because Shuzo Matsuoka won’t let me feel any negative emotions! Never give up!! So I looked him up! Apparently Shuzo Matsuoka is a former famous Japanese tennis player who has taken up making motivational videos. I wish I […]

les battements d’ailes d’une p’tit papillion

good morning from batoidea on 8tracks Radio. I went to a butterfly garden the other day and took photos with my necono camera because its over-the-top colours make for awesome nature images and I love these so much, I want to share them! Above is a fitting 8tracks mix I made after and before I went to this garden, though it’s been something that’s been in development for a long time.

back 2 school

After realising my increasing discontent, but mostly straight up frustration and pent up anger about being jobless and broke I confronted myself and decided to go back to school. It’s gonna be hard, expensive, frustrating, tiring but not as much as being stuck in jobs that I don’t like. Now that I can still change it I am going to! I am scared but excited. School has never seemed an ideal place for me and […]


Runway fashion doesn’t move me as it used to but today something got me all excited; some of Antonio Marras’s SS13 inspired by women of the Bloomsbury group. This collection in general is filled with harsh silhouettes yet flowing and deeply romantic but paired with a dark purple lipstick and harsh eye make up it makes me feel the discontent the women would have probably faced in the Bloomsbury group. Virginia Woolf is one of […]

✩ F R I E N D S ✩

Feeling feverish and hot-tempered and very emotional over THINGS right now so here is a wishlist that I deserve but will never get ::sheep:: . Every once in a while I’m like what’s Eley Kishimoto doing this season? and then I cry. ::broken:: ::drops:: ::bomb::

Rainbow moon heart ache!

I’ve been feeling like a big cry baby lately, so I need to talk about Sailor Moon! Usagi Tsukino, is a big cry baby but always manages to get up, wipe off her tears and kick ass! I feel the same overwhelming negativity or powerlessness Usagi is often confronted with, so lately I have been channeling Usagi to remind myself of my inner princess, and in turn get up on my feet again like a […]