On being Broke

So. Here’s the deal with my financial situation. I wanna write this out because I feel frustrated. I feel iffy about calling myself poor because I am not, but I feel iffy about calling myself broke a little too because I have many people backing me up and supporting me. But the thing is, I am 25 and I’d just like to take care of myself you know? The time for independence has come. But […]

a beast in your head

I’ve been wearing a lot of (terribly) hand-made stuff lately, like this dress which I made together with a friend last summer in the middle of the night, way past a sober state. I remember we couldn’t make sense of the dress any more and kept laughing at how stupid we were. But when I finally put it on it looked pretty cute and I still have no idea how we did it! We’re magical, […]


I am super P S Y C H E D about this tulle dress I made this weekend! It was so easy to make so I drew some instructions. As a side note: you could make this dress in any fabric (though I’d recommend a heavier fabric or tulle like mine because some jersey would fall flat and the silhouette wouldn’t be as wide, but if you prefer that you should go for it!) And […]


pompom necktie tutorial

::yay!!:: ::sparkles:: A tutorial for this super easy and fun DIY because a reader asked for it and also it’s fun, relaxing and a perfect craft for a depressive! ::sparkles:: ::yay!!:: You will need an empty toilet roll, at least three pencils, tape or a french knitting stool and a crochet needle or your hands. Then wool of your choice, some cardboard, a couple of scissors and a thick needle.


I’ve been experimenting with makeup and documenting it via the terrible Photobooth because I am too lazy to get out my camera. It hardly captures the colours, like, at all but it serves as a personal reminder. Top left to right: pink eyeshadow w/ black eyeliner and red lipstick, red red red (lipstick used as eyeliner, does the trick when layered with eyeshadow!), orange lipstick and eyeshadow w/ yellow eyeliner (it is so terrible, like […]


Hair Tales

I haven’t used commercial shampoo, body wash or any other beauty product in almost a year, and I feel very passionate about it, so I figure I’d better make a post about it. I don’t mean in anyway to convert you to my anti-capitalist beauty ideology so even if you use shampoo and other stuff you can still learn some really cheap beauty tips out of this! I recommend your try it if you’re interested […]

DIY sailor school girl collar

I love the idea of this Japanese versus American school girl aeshetic of Jenny Fax’s latest collection. So I decided to make my own hybrid collar! All you need for this is an old sweater or cardigan, some scissors, a sewing machine or needle and thread and, if you so desire, some embroidering things. I used some wool and a big needle for the latter part because when I say ’embroider’ I just mean sew […]

cat fancy

shoes: neosens, skirt: hand-made, socks, happy socks, everything else second hand After over a year, I decided to finally wear this skirt when yearning for pattern combinations. I don’t own enough bold and bright patterns! The skirt I made myself in continuation with my lazy ideology of patternless sewing. But maybe not so much because I made this by tracing another skirt I own. It is a half circle skirt that drapes beautifully. A thick […]


I’m currently reading A History of Their Own and I’m really enjoying reading about kick ass women I’ve somehow never heard of, re-reading about kick ass women I have heard of and reading about a lot of female stereotypes that started with written history and are still living strong today. But also about traditionally female exploits. Making a home with children and a husband is pretty much farthest away from my interests but female traditions […]


Okay, this is officially my last ~ altering bad purchases ~ post, because I’m sick of it. I only have a few things left I want to get done. One day though! One day. Shoes: Dr. Martens, socks: asos.com, everything else: second hand, scarf: a fabulous gift. I totally loved this dress since the minute I saw it. The fabric is such a gorgeous colour and print and it’s really thick and qualitative, too. But it […]