Hello! As some of you might remember if you’ve been following this space for quite some time is that I used to draw quite a bit and stuff! Sadly, I don’t have the time for it anymore but I did recently uploaded some of my work to society6, where you can buy all sorts of stuff with my art on them! I’ve seen some finished products with my work on them and I have to […]


I’ve just put up some stickers on my etsy so check them out! While I’m here I might as well make a general update and mention that a while ago I was interviewed by Sarah of yes and yes and compiled a couple of my favorite Prince outfits for The Untitled Mag!


My etsy shop is back up and running! Some stickers will be added soon enough but check out the prints I am currently selling in the meantime. I am selling two new prints!

animal forest

I think I forgot to mention I am selling this print at my etsy shop. It’s one of my personal favourites because it’s the only thing I’ve made this past year that turned out the way I wanted to and that had actually made me happy despite being in the biggest illustrative pit of despair at the time. Yay for animals and colours and weird plants. I’ve also added some stickers! Check it all out, […]


Too exhausted for anything other than a general self-promotional update! I don’t know why I keep forgetting but I was interviewed by the amazing Kailey for her crazy amazing perfect flawless pastel-coloured uplifting and wonderful zine, Pistachio! It features Kailey’s great illustrations, super cute and beautiful articles a couple of my favourite people like Cassie, Bethany, Marlena, of course, Kailey herself and so many more. So check it out! In other illustrative news, I am […]


You can now support me by buying one of my illustration prints over at my brand new etsy shop (◡‿◡♡). More prints and possibly some other stuff, too, will come soon. If you have a preference for a certain work, let me know! Here are some of my personal favourites that are now online and ready to be bought, handled with care and loved.