I mean…. My essay for Issue Four of Doll Hospital Journal! Click here for details. & buy buy buy ASAP if you’d like a hard copy edition of Issue Three! We’re currently accepting pre-orders til April 2. Not only will you get a lovely book to sit-stop-read, get calm, feel understood or get a chance to read others’ experiences with mental health. A digital copy of our latest will zoom right to you. No white-washing, manic […]


Hello! As some of you might remember if you’ve been following this space for quite some time is that I used to draw quite a bit and stuff! Sadly, I don’t have the time for it anymore but I did recently uploaded some of my work to society6, where you can buy all sorts of stuff with my art on them! I’ve seen some finished products with my work on them and I have to […]

Doll Hospital Journal

Shame on me for not having posted this earlier! Double shame because my everything goes in to this project. It means so much to me. I couldn’t be a prouder parent. Of course this means a lot to me because I deal with mental health issues, but by co-editoring (and more) as part of an amazingly creative, supportive and whip smart team I’ve also learned a lot; learned on what goes on behind the scenes of […]


I’ve been so proud and have been feeling so honoured to have been able to work with the gloriousness that is Doll Hospital Journal! The first hard copy issues sold out in about two days,  but there are still digital copies available here! being involved in a magazine/journal/whatever you’d like to name it has been one of my childhood dreams and the experience, as well as the people was everything but disappointing. I sincerely and […]


I still have a bunch of stuff over at my storenvy!! Currently everything is 25% off if you use the code ‘YAY‘!! Soon-ish I’m planning to add a couple of more stuff so keep an eye out! Support me and help me buy next semester’s schoolbooks!! (By the by, I passed all my summer exams and am on my planned out path to continue working hard & harder and ultimately become an academic overachiever!!

Doll Hospital

Do you remember I mentioned this amazing project I was working on? An art and literature journal dealing with mental health? Well, we finally took steps into the public digital world! We’ve consciously chosen tumblr for now as we really want to interact with you, because to be inclusive we need as many voices as possible! It will become much more than a tumblr, it will become and actual paper thing for you to hold, […]


Did you hear about this new project I’m semi-immersing myself in, aside from kicking butt at earning money and school? I’m really psyched about it because I love Bethany’s ideas and writings and I’m so enthused by her enthusiasm and, also!, we really want you to join us! The project is basically this: a printed journal of sorts dealing with mental health. We are looking for essays, stories, poems, art, comics, illustrations dealing with your […]


I’ve just put up some stickers on my etsy so check them out! While I’m here I might as well make a general update and mention that a while ago I was interviewed by Sarah of yes and yes and compiled a couple of my favorite Prince outfits for The Untitled Mag!