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Often in writing my thesis I get stuck whenever I transition from idea to idea or when I’m in doubt (should I include this person’s perspective/that fact/that sarcastic line?). I know I should ask: how does this help my argument. But I panic because I’m the panic-sort. And lately, it has spent me to a spiral of looking for apps helping me write a thesis. (I was desperate and curious.) Now, this is a surprisingly […]

cursed discourse

For the last month I’ve been immersed in trying to write a thesis for my bachelor degree. Emphasis on write. The concept of it all grew into an idea sometime around two years ago back when I wrote Ghost Ghosting Ghosts for Doll Hospital. Gathering materials, reading and reading but mostly obsessively researching off-topic notions has basically been going on since. A certain lack of a consistent stable mental health is, surprisingly, not that helpful. First I […]

it whispers

Ōtomo no Yakamochi (Vol. 19, poem 4291) in Man’yōshū.   Currently I’m dipping my toes and fingernails in the realm of the impossible. The one where boundaries live. Maybe the true ghost realm (for me?). The one that’s easily forgotten, but once known, turns towards you with a painful weird sort of vengeance. Slippery, only vaguely visible, seemingly unreal, often cited as unnatural. Ghost-like; hard to catch, to see, to understand and when they do show […]

I said to myself, you can’t shatter open

“I said to myself, you can’t shatter open.” A sentence in Esme Weijung Wang’s The Border of Paradise. I told myself this often enough, I cannot shatter; even the smallest cracks weren’t allowed. And then. Not cracks. No shattering. Disintegration. Myself, my world and the chilling after-waves, still rippling across everyone and thing I was near. Some after-waves choking and drowning some, sometimes happily or sacrificially so. Time, opportunities, trust: long since washed away. It’s a […]


ok mostly all of this stuff was second hand or a hand me down Boop! I’ve been loving this outfit lately! I felt it looked so good IRL in mirrors but I’m not sure how I feel about it on camera, but still. Love it. It’s super comfy. I’ve been wearing the red dress quite often as it’s a loose-ish fit with a very soft fabric because I’ve been ill for, like, two weeks. Ridiculous. I don’t […]

and now for something […]

This might be the longest I have gone without posting! For a while there (and maybe still, let’s be honest) I resigned myself that this blog had died. I no longer have the energy to document my outfits, not even on instagram!, and my clothing has steadily become more, for lack of a better word, normalised. Mostly I just want to feel comfy-cute and devote more attention to skincare routines, reading and trying (but failing) […]

there is no self apart from the masquarade

Currently reading Appearance and Identity Fashioning the Body in Postmodernity, by Llewellyn Negrin. I love non-fiction at the moment! It’s an interesting read because it goes beyond the denunciation of cosmetics and fashion of earlier (i.e. turn of the century and the 70s, mostly) feminisms and claims dress and body are (somewhat?) intertwined; there is not a natural and thus no neutral body, there are only the never-ending masks we wear. There is the western-centric idea of […]


dress: second hand, sweater: gift/Sonia Rykiel, shoes: Martin Margiela/second hand Today’s comfy uhhhh study outfit! I wore shoes while studying today because ahh I just got these today!! I’ve been wanting Martin Margiela tabi boots for what seems like my whole life. At 19-ish I’ve started stalking second hand website and monitoring prices, as they are 600 to 800 euros store-bought. I’ve found that local Belgian sites have some gems hidden and that’s where I […]

The Pupa Woman

Quite a while ago I wrote something about Jun Togawa for the now sadly defunct Untitled Mag. I suddenly felt the urge to revisit my thoughts, dove into the Wayback Machine and grabbed a cache. What follows is basically the original text but with some changes added. First I wanted to remember how I felt about her, how she has influenced me, but by reading this I realise she’s still sewn within myself, and she’ll […]