ghost ghosting ghosts

Pulse, 2001Ghosts, haunt me, fascinate me. I was not quite sure why until I realized many ghost movies & stories are about repression & the resurfacing of traumatic memories. You can can both see this in a political and personal context. Ghosts and their vague border between reality and irreality are also perfectly suited for the medium of theatre, movie, photograph, actor as ways to think about memory & identity. Ghosts are part of the […]

it’s not up to you

Obviously I’ve immersed myself into Vulnicura, Björk latest album, already. But with every Björk album I grow closer and deeper and more entertwined. It’s a time process of getting to unravel so many sensitivities, let alone the music itself. So I want to revist a song I need to revisit often: It’s Not Up to You. Because it’s not up to you. Because because beacuse I feel so often: I wake up And the day […]

Fave outfits of 2015

Here’s a compilation of my favourite outfit photos I put on Tumblr earlier. I’m planning to get together my favourite selfies, but I have taken so much this year the task seems a little daunting!  

This time I’m gonna keep me all to myself.

Bjork’s Pagan Poetry song and video means a lot to me. There’s a lot of symbolism going on, but it matters nothing to me. To me, the song, especially combined with the video is about finding a love, a secret pleasure so good, so pure, she will keep it all to herself. But not an external love in the shape of a person. She found it in the darkest part of herself. It’s scary but […]

remembrance of a bougie wallet

  I couldn’t figure out my camera for a sec here, but I feel like this is an apt image for what I want to write about, or rather what I want to question. This pic reminds me of Victorian pics, and when I think of those I immediately think of those creepy tricks where people appear to be ghosts. Something to do with aperture or something I don’t know and don’t care. The thing […]

dot… dot… dot…

HI! It’s been a while. Sometimes I’m not sure what to post anymore, sometimes I’m not sure to post anymore at all? Fashion/outfit blogging has flipped and changed completely when I first started and sometimes I feel uneasy. I think I will start to close my archives… It’s been a long time. I’m getting old (for the internet). I don’t know.  

Study Tips!

Via Science of Us, from the book Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. A book I really want to read to make me even better at studying! I’ve been asking for a lot of study tips all around this past year and I’ve gotten a lot of great answers, thank you! So, to give back to you, and also as a way to apologise for all my whining about school I want to […]

popping pop

pants, shirt: second hand, shoes: UP Money worries are clouding my mind a little too often for my own good lately, and I feel sick. In that state of mind, I think I’m noticing some things more intensely than at other periods of my life. Lately, I see so many unconscious message regarding caring for yourself, listicles on how to escape your mental health issues, only by the gathering of material possessions. And like, fine, yeah, […]

a new leaf

About a year ago I shelled out for a 3DS special edition, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and I haven’t regretted it since despite it being a very expensive purchase for me. I want to talk about it a little because it’s one of my favourite things, and more so it’s truly something that has helped me cope with depression and the many stresses I’ve been under. For those of you not yet in the know; […]

hot & broke

leggings: Marimekko, top: second hand, shoes: UP When you’re a long-time broke babe, you know that as soon as you have some form of money you need to sit on it like an anxious mama hen brooding on her eggs. But you haven’t been able to breathe for so long, enduring suffocation by money-related anxiety and feelings of intense inferiority because to be A Person is to have Money, that’s what everyone keeps telling you. To […]