So anyways I was sad today and then my second Orla Kiely shoes arrived which went perfectly with the dress I just put on and they go so nice together. That’s such a cute coincidence and I needed to document that. It’s the coincidence I want to share not the shoes & the buying & buying & buying. Feelings, smiles and good things. That needs to be remembered. I need to document these tiny moments […]

greedy greedy greedy

Th exact moment I forgot how annoying taking outfit pics can be, screaming (whisper) to myself WHY? Because I love everyone who checks this lil space out once in a while. Resignation: nap while standing. Shoes by Orla Kiely, dress from a magical attic where vintage treasures made in exactly my size are silently waiting for me. Earrings by Poola Katarynya.

soft bip

I love how these turned out! I don’t really ever truly like my outfit pics but these some sort of vintage vibe and the colours are wonderful. The colours were born while I was trying to get rid of the yellow light in my room…Then there was also this one, in which I wanted to show my makeup… Sorta…. Also sorta 90s. Love it. In the second pic below you can also see my earrings that often […]


shoes: gift – dress: Pepe Jeans – shirt: gift – top/vest: gift Ohhh I look so tired and I’m only just getting started with my exam prep! Yikes. Anyways just wanted to share this outfit because I have the time and luxury today while I procrastinate on studying the French Nouvelle Vague. Also, this semester I’ve been interning, which propelled me to dress a little more adult-like, and sometimes stricter too. When I had a […]

you are every song

pants: Kenzo for H&M (men’s collection) – shoes: Martin Margiela – blouse: gift – knit crop sweater: Zara – the backpack in the background: gift (sorta claimed this for myself I’m sorry) / Orla Kiely Whoopty freakin’ do, I finally found a way to take pics in this room! Sorry for the mess on the left. I love this little corner though, messy or not. Very cute, very colourful, love all the different kinds of […]


ok mostly all of this stuff was second hand or a hand me down Boop! I’ve been loving this outfit lately! I felt it looked so good IRL in mirrors but I’m not sure how I feel about it on camera, but still. Love it. It’s super comfy. I’ve been wearing the red dress quite often as it’s a loose-ish fit with a very soft fabric because I’ve been ill for, like, two weeks. Ridiculous. I don’t […]


Here is me, in artificial lightening (corrected to true colours in photoshop, or at least tried to), not posing just waiting patiently, trying not to roll my eyes when someone else tried to take a pic of me to see if outfit pics could work in this new space. IRL, outside, I wore the shoes I wore in my last outfit post; they worked great but are difficult to walk in with socks because they […]