Charles Anastase FRTW 10

Though this may seem irrelevant already in this fast-paced, instantly served Twittering world I really need to post several looks of several past runway shows. Not only will I find it awesome to recall what ensembles I loved in months or years time, but I haven’t seen that many coverage of a couple of shows that I personally found stunning. Though I also love Christopher Kane-esque gothic-y beauty in a more faux-intellectualised awe, these semi-reviews will probably only show my personal girly, poppy taste because they totes make me squeal with delight.


I loved how it started with these minimalist silhouettes in demure colours, then some popping colour mixes got in and eventually a beruffled and fabulous crazy mess showed up.

He called his collection Winter Garden to point at the failed Copenhagen conference and based his concept around a (crazy) garden lady. I adore that concept though I don’t think it says much about our climate, but whatevs. This is fabulous; the colours, the silhouettes, the fabric mixes. It’s playful and pretty so therefore perfect in my eyes (with questionable taste).



This is probably my favourite look. The soft- and roundness remind me of a stuffed panda being adorable and silently waiting for you to hold him and kiss him and hug him and fall asleep beside his fluffy round body.



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