I am super P S Y C H E D about this tulle dress I made this weekend! It was so easy to make so I drew some instructions. As a side note: you could make this dress in any fabric (though I’d recommend a heavier fabric or tulle like mine because some jersey would fall flat and the silhouette wouldn’t be as wide, but if you prefer that you should go for it!) And another side note: tulle is like super cheap, I think I bought bought of these fabrics for three euro a meter! You could also look for bed spreads, I made this skirt out of a cool bedspread for instance.

Anyway, on to crafting!





  • I didn’t know you are studying to be a librarian! I’ve worked in a library for a few years and am planning to take courses to get professional certification. Good luck on the rest of your exams! ::mewlingcat::

    • Awesome, good luck on your courses! So far I’m only studying to be a librarian clerk but if possible I might go to grad school because I am very excited about the democratization of knowledge that libraries pursue here. But of course the job itself seems perfectly suited for me. ::music:: Good luck on your courses yourself and your librarian career! ::sparkles:: ::celebrate::

  • ::ladybug:: OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD ::ladybug:: too cool to be true

  • Ah my gods Eline, that dress is SO PERFECT. I know I could make one myself but I have never seen fabric that perfect here, so would you ever consider making one for me on commission? It is so adorable I die.

    • Aww, I’m a terrible seamstress but I’d totally ask a more professional friend to help me out on it if I still had enough fabric left! Sadly, I got it at a sort of fabric convention that’s only in town once a year. But I’ll ask my friends to keep an eye out for this fabric!

      • Oh well, thank you for your reply anyway! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to google every combination of words I can think of to try find this fabric online!

  • EEEEEEP your dress is the absolute BEST THING EVER!! When I die, I most definitely will be buried in that dress! Your pattern was also super rad and I think I’ll try it really soon!! <3 ::kiss::

  • That dress is gorgeous! I used to have a dress for my Barbie that looked almost exactly like that when I was little! Total flashback.

  • wow, love the dress and tutorial! adorable. šŸ™‚

  • wow *o* you made that? it’s so cool! super cute! it makes me want to start blindly sewing away something even though I have no idea how

  • So adorable! I love everything you make. I keep telling myself that I have to go out and get some bedsheets and just make myself a dress but I have a ridiculous fear that mine might not look as pretty or as perfect as yours come out so I just give up before trying. ::no::
    one day, though! You’re so inspiring ::hehe::

  • I gasped with delight at the sight of you in this absolutely glorious dress! Homemade? No way!! You are so clever and thank you so, so much for including instructions. You are a treasure:)

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