Blouse: second hand (Oilily), bow: second hand, socks: second hand, top and bottom skirt: hand made, sock garters: Swanclothing, Shoes: Dr. Martens, pink bow barrette: gift, blue bow barrette: second hand

As a kid I remember frequenting Oilily stores and gazing upon all the brightly coloured stuff packed all around, smelling sweet and basically defining my first ever definition of adorable and amazing all at the same time. I wanted any little thing so bad but my wish was never granted. Regardless of the look I’ve been obsessed with Oilily stuff ever since so when I picked up this amazing blouse, squealed over the strawberry embroidered motive, ruffled sleeves and cape-like shape and eventually saw the Oilily tag my sweetest childhood dream finally came true. Bliss. Obviously I’m not hung up on brands but sometimes it feels especially good to score something this great second hand, for two euros at that! SCORE. Which, by the by, I’ve been trying to sum up where I got my outfit in a vague attempt to promote second hand shopping but on the other I’m also conflicted because I believe that style can’t be bought, so it shouldn’t matter where you got your clothing, your love for sartorial play should shine through (so why mention it?). But I don’t know! Thoughts?

Click for bigger! Though this pattern might as well be little flowers I am forcing to believe everyone that these are tiny strawberries as strawberry pattern beat flowers any day in my universe.

I am mostly in love with this shirt’s profile silhouette.

Click for bigger, the socks have tiny little flowers on them that kinda match my nailpolish. 50 cents socks SCORE!


  • I really like your blog and um, I freaking love this outfit. The skirt.. and especially the socks, awesome!

  • Well, a piece of clothing is rarely just a piece of clothing. My guess is that you didn’t actually buy an Oilily blouse at all, but you went back in time to a place that you remember so vividly. It’s not the brand, it’s the association, the smell and the colours of the Oilily store, the dreams of a child. Two euros is a small price to pay for that little trip to memory lane altered, even if it carries with it a tint of commercial whatever, child-targeted marketing from your past. Those things are actually meaningful, too.

    The blouse is awesome.

  • Oh, and I think we talk about where we get our clothes (vs anonymous sartorial play) because we like to think that our clothes have identities just like we do, and that identities are worth talking about. Just a thought. šŸ™‚

    • Yes thanks for your input, I think you’re right, I love talking about where I got my clothing and my associations of them (that’s the whole reason I started putting up outfit photos in the first place!) a lot of times but as far as consistency goes on this blog I don’t know if it fits in my ideas of style and how to obtain it. I’m hovering between ‘maybe those ideas and where I got my clothing is worth a post or two’ and ‘consistent mentioning of the amount of second hand clothing that’s in my wardrobe can convince random readers second hand shopping is worth a little more time blah blah blah’.

  • I’m a frustrated-of-oilili-being-a-kid aswell (and Belgian aswell I must say!) … (and fan of colours too…)

    Love the outfit. love the shoes? Love the skirt ! haha. Just love =)

    xxx Vee

    ps: Strawberries definitely beat flower !

  • Oh my gosh nice boots! And everything šŸ™‚ I have to come back and read your post about the feminism and frills. That collection makes me crazy happy.

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