The other day I felt awful, so I decided to sew tiny faces on my socks.

And then I sewed a skirt.

And then I decided to make Pissy Faces in these photos, because, according to many, that’s what I excel at.

This next one is my Normal Face. To many it is a Face of arrogance, rudeness, aloofness and being mean. But I’m actually a Kinda Nice Person (sometimes)!

But anyway, I totally have ladybugs in my hair and an apple on my shirt, and so all is good.


  • Your shoes are just lovely, socks and Mary Janes, always a winner! In fact your entire outfit reminds me of strawberries.

  • I love your eww omg face. I am so freaking jealous of your amazing genius dyi projects. is it possible i can have faces on my socks?!! You look like a 50’s school girl

  • hahaha! brilliant! that skirt is a perfect shape (and colour) ! i love the faces, the white socks, the green cardy…

  • The skirt is lovely! Good job on the home sew effort! I really should sew more of my own clothes… it’s not like I don’t procrastinate enough already! Rxx

  • Wow I love the pleats, and the whole first outfit is so great and watermelony. People always ask me what’s wrong when I have a neutral face expression- apparently I look really sad when I’m sitting around thinking, or not thinking. Your pissy faces are adorable though!

  • I just showed my boyfriend your socks and consequently I now have a little smiley face drawn on the tip of my nose 🙂

  • oh my gosh!!! this outfit is perfection. the collar on that shirt is just so good and you are so talented/cute <3

  • I need smiley faces on my socks, too. I might steal the idea. And just overall, you look wonderful (as always). I remember having ladybug hair pins when I was a little girl. I think I might actually still have them somewhere. Is 33 too old to wear ladybug hair pins..? (And of course I am not asking that in all seriousness.)

    Also, because you are the only person I know apart from myself and my husband who is into this stuff, yay, Fringe season finale this week!!! Can’t wait. 🙂

  • Ahh, i can’t get enough of the smiley socks! Since you are so talented in sewing cute little faces on things i think you should be sewing them all over your clothes ;D
    I wish i could pull off kiddies hair accessories too, hehe!

  • Ladybugs, apples, smiling socks and polka dots are delightful! Not a word I’d usually use but I think at last, it fits! Your skirt is totally awesome! Kudos to your skill 🙂

    My default face has been described as evil before. Pissy face is the bain of daydreamers methinks. I drift off into my own little world and the smile slips from my face. Also my concerned, anxious and sad face all look angry. It’s like reverse alexithemia or something.

  • OMGay, Eline, you look amazing. Such great combinations of colour & pattern, & I love yr bitchface!

  • The first thing I noticed in your last picture is that you own a book with my name on it. I have such an addiction with buying books right now and the only thing that is on my mind is books. I wish I could read more. Damn you school for taking away everything. ;_;

    I also like your socks and skirt and your pissy faces and your normal face. And if it is a condolence, a lot of people think I’m a major bitch because I look so angry all the time.

  • your shirt and skirt is too cute! <3 can't believe that you made the skirt yourself, i wanted to learn how to sew a full skirt for ages now but i'm just plain lazy 😛 x

  • Omg, I totally crush on your style right now!
    why so cute! lols
    I shoud follow your blog 🙂 and I will visit here often!


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