Dance the cha-cha through till sunrise!



This is the silhouette I’ve been enjoying with this week. I’ve several outfits based on this shape but as laziness protrudes my body and mind I forgot to take photos Also, this is my favourite anyway.

As you can see I’m absolutely sick of my hair. I want to dye it badly but I’ve a feeling I’ll regret it because my natural hair has never showed this much. I thought my roots were hardly noticeable but then I looked in a mirror with some nice daylight shining on me and turns out the roots are indeed very, very noticeable? Oh but it looks vaguely natural! Kind of. (Not really.)


I’ve been watching Big Love again and I couldn’t help braiding my hair! I’m definitely glad my fringe is out of my way but I’m weirded out that I’m sending polygamist & fundamentalist vibes (in my mind) XD. Is it bad that I love Nikki’s overly prude and flowery style? 😀

I’m feeling so absolutely meehhh today so to cure this feeling I can only do one thing: WEAR A SAILOR THEMED OUTFIT! 😀



You know, for a year or so I believed my parents had met Bryan Ferry after finding an old photo from him in between holiday photos from London. I finally got around to asking my parents about this but turns out it was just a wax statue 🙁


Does this wax statue look a lot like Bryan Ferry or does Bryan Ferry look a lot like a wax statue? The eternal conundrum.


    • Oh right, the bleached hair isn’t showing here because I tucked it all away in a pony tail ^^. I should’ve posted a photo illustrating my point. Ah well, next time 😀

  • Heb ik je al gezegd dat ik zo’n mooi sailor jurkje vond in urban outfitters in antwerpen, maar het was zo freaking duur en het had zo gelijk geen mouwen waardoor ik er niet het ongelofelijke dure bedrag wilde aan betalen.

    Die laatste outfit is zo cute. Die blazer. <3

    Waxen beelden zijn zo creepy D:

    • Maar blergh UO. Ze hebben daar af en toe leuke dingen maar het is de prijs nooit waard. Het is zo’n eeuwige kwelling ;_;

      • IKR. Ik zag perfect blazer, maar 90 euro?! In de Zara vond ik ook zo’n leuke. Ik kan hem niet zo goed beschrijven maar ik noem die jassen altijd pinguin jassen omdat ze vanachter langer zijn dan voorkant, maar die was bijna 150 euro. DX Eeuwig kweling beschrijft het gevoel dat ik voelde. Nu nog ben ik er sad over. DAMN YOU SUPER EXPENSIVE STORES.

        • Oh ik vind dat ze momenteel zo’n leuke dingen hebben in de Zara! Streepjes blazers! Doorzichtige polka dot bloesjes! etc etc. en ik kan niks betalen! Mijn hart is gebroken ;_;

          • Laten we samen rouwen om deze verdrietige gebeurtenis. ;_;

  • Sailor outfits are always best for cheering yourself up! Both outfits are lovely, I love that H&M material on the prom dresses and skirts.

    I have to admit, I’ve actually seen the real Bryan Ferry in the flesh! when I was doing some work in a recording studio and he was recording an album. He didn’t look like a waxwork, he looked kinda haggard and grumpy. And I remember he was wearing jeans AND a denim jacket. Oh dear! xx

    • Oh I’m so jealous you got to see Bryan Ferry! But I’m a little heartbroken with his entire denim outfit 🙁

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