Helo hello! For those not on tumblr; I wrote another post for Powder Doom! This time it’s about I personally detangle my hair because I’ve noticed a lot of people doing it Wrong in My Book, by which I mean GIRL that is #1 going to mess up yr hair #2 gonna frustrate you to the end of times because you’re not doing this strategically. To which I lovingly snatch their brushes away from them, arm myself with a wooden comb and detangle their hair for them. Is you hair detangled? CALL ME. I’m serious it’s so soothing I wish I could make a career out of detangling other’s hair — my office would have a sumbler party setting with lots of pink and glittery cushions (I’d love some cats but I don’t want to exclude those who are allergic & anyways cats always attack long hair flopping about), tacky furniture and lots of mirrors and also lot’s of non-mirrors because crazy detangled hair so often happens when you’re depressed and can’t be bothered and then you kinda hate yourself and that’s okay, I just wanna make things a little easier for you in my Labrotary Salon of Detanglement™.



But I don’t think Belgium is a good setting for that & easy enough travel hasn’t invented yet so that’s why I offer you my writing instead. I hope it helps alleviate some frustration. With much love from #ME.

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