I’ve been so proud and have been feeling so honoured to have been able to work with the gloriousness that is Doll Hospital Journal! The first hard copy issues sold out in about two days,  but there are still digital copies available here! being involved in a magazine/journal/whatever you’d like to name it has been one of my childhood dreams and the experience, as well as the people was everything but disappointing. I sincerely and radically stand for the beliefs and foundations we’ve built this on, and it ended up becoming a beautiful project that has been welcomed by open arms and it fill my icecold heart with warmth.

So we must continue this journey! And a second issue is in our planning! So if you’d like to contribute so can do so. A note of warning: do not ever feel daunted by this process; I assure you we are all kind-hearted and our goal is to let as many voices possible heard. If you have an essay, whether a critical (pop) culture essay, a personal story, a poem, an illustration, a comic, or truly whatever. Feel no fear and just submit submit submit!

You can drop us an email via this link, or make sure you have the email title say ‘Submission: Issue 2’ while mailing to dollhospitaljournal@gmail.com.

Or if you have any further questions we’d love to answer them! Just drop us a line following this e-mail link, or simply title the email ‘Inquiries’ while mailing to dollhospitaljournal@gmail.com.


  • Yay this sounds amazing, well done. I have just submitted two poems on the poet Anne Sexton, so fingers crossed for me! x

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