I cannot decide on two things today (concerning my looks). One, FLUFFBALLS in my hair, yay or nay? Two, crazy outfit is crazy awesome or crazy outfit is crazy crazy hideous?

Let me illustrate this matter to you:


I had lost my mind last night while making my dreadcuts aka, woodcuts (see how clever I am!) and dressed like an old bag lady who had cats hidden under her layers and layers of dresses. This is the “soft version” of it (I was digging the layers guys!).


Just like my former fear of red + pink, I’m still scared to use red + orange… But this combo is all right, no?


Ai, so all in all. Crazy outfit is crazy awesome or crazy outfit is crazy crzy hideous? I don’t know…

And my last dilemma. FLUFFBALLS


Sure, it makes me look like a three-year-old but is this good or bad? I CANNOT DECIDE.


    • But the curly thing IS supposed to be a moustache! XD. I don’t know what the rest of the “design” is supposed to be though T_T. You know that I have lost my mind by now D=
      OHMYGOD that is the best watercolour I have EVER seen. I love moustached men so much omg (but in a non-sexual yet creepy stalker-y way).

  • Okay, I like it with the jacket but not with the yellow, because that makes it kinda nuts. XD. and I had those kind of fluffballs when I was 6 or so, 😀

  • Crazy awesome! I like it with the yellow too. Oh and your creepy bag is back XD (I dno why but that bag creeps me out! At the same time I love it though).
    I used to wear my hair like that a lot when it was short and I just think it’s cute XD. No fluffballs for me because fluff scares me but I think it works! Yuki would wear it too XD.

    Omg mustache shirt I kind of love it!

  • Haha, I agree with you! But currently I’m digging the craziness, I suppose T_T HELP ME ahahahaha *goes insane*

    Why did I never have such awesome fluff when I was young? D=

  • Oh good! Ledh had me thinking I was crazy crazy crazy for a while there XD.
    How can you find that bag creepy? COWGIRLS!!
    I wore my hair like that when I was three all the time T_T
    Yay Yuki-ness!!

  • Yes to the fluffballs on your hair! And crazy outfit is crazy awesome. You are the cutest kitty kat I’ve ever seen!! 😀

  • Hello! Ive just found your blog by chance and let me tell you that I absolutely love it, im gonna add it to my fave-blogs list if you dont mind. Keep pu the good work, greetings!

  • This outfit makes me happy! They way I felt after the first time I saw “Amelie”. Would love to see all the pieces separately to fully appreciate your wonderful layering.

  • 1. i don know whats in your hair, but i want it.
    2. is that a moustache on the last shirt?
    3. i dont know how to sopeel moustache
    4. sorry for the types its two am here and i am druuunk
    ilove you and your blog

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