shoes: Up, socks: Fräulein Prusselise, mushroom pins (actually thumb tags): dille & kamille everything else: second hand


  • Red is actually my favorite color (you would never guess looking at my blog oh dear), so I am completely in love with this ;_; kisses for you <3

    • They’re all second hand! I think they’re just easier to come by the closer you are to the countries they’re originally from though :(. I see them occasionally here, saw them all. the. time. in Switzerland (but couldn’t afford them ack so painful!) and I have seen quite a lot in Germany as well!

        • Yeah I figured, that sucks T-T. You could always keep an eye on etsy and ebay though, I’m sure there will pop up some good and cheap ones some day! I’d send you one but I already know if I’d find one for you I’d want to keep it myself because I am selfish and greedy D;

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