DIY sailor school girl collar

I love the idea of this Japanese versus American school girl aeshetic of Jenny Fax’s latest collection. So I decided to make my own hybrid collar! All you need for this is an old sweater or cardigan, some scissors, a sewing machine or needle and thread and, if you so desire, some embroidering things. I used some wool and a big needle for the latter part because when I say ’embroider’ I just mean sew things onto things and hope it doesn’t suck.

I got this old boy’s cardigan for three euros and everything else I already owned. I think, especially if you don’t live in an area that treasures vintage, or whatever that means these days you could get your own argyle sweater or grandfather cardigan for little money if you look carefully. Big sizes will be easier to find than in the women’s section.

This was my idea:

Cut according the knit, or as straight as possible.

You could totally do this with a regular piece of fabric because the pattern is so simple really; it’s just a big oblong with two smaller and longer oblongs attached! To make it fall better you should have some neck lining and you should probably sew on the two longer oblongs a little slant so they’d make a V-shape that comes together at the bottom. Either way, I love the idea of the knit and knits are really easy to embroider because you’ll never mess up the fabric! Here’s how I did it. Instead of the big argyle sweater I wanted I found this cute boy’s cardigan and decided to wing it.

I put on the cardigan and attached a ribbon where my shoulder ends and folded it where my waist ends. Add a couple of centimetres and cut it.

Got out my sailor vest and measured that quintessential sailor oblong. You could just wing it though. Mine is about 24 centimetres measuring from my neck.

Cut. Put it on and decide what else you should change. I decided to make the V-shape more pronounced pinned it and cut it accordingly.

Wearing it in between stages helps a lot to, like, not fuck up. Lastly, sew it with a sewing machine or by hand. Now you have a blank canvas for bad embroidery!

When putting together an outfit around it (when I got sick of embroidering it) I felt it was part of a school uniform and I decided my school’s mascot is a sad octopus. The red V-shapes are supposed to be hearts just like the Jenny Fax one but I didn’t have thick enough wool to achieve that effect. But hey I feel this collar is going to be perpetually in a state of change. The stitches are so easy to get out you can even re-use your wool so let yourself go! πŸ˜€

(Channeling teen spirit.)


  • β™‘____β™‘

    The finished product is seriously amazing Eline – I cannot believe you can do embroidery so well (I DON’T CARE IF YOU SAID IT LOOKS AWFUL I LOVE IT OKAY)!

    And this is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard:
    “I decided my school’s mascot is a sad octopus”

    • gasp — thank youu β™‘ β–½ β™‘
      I have another project in which my “embroidery” went a lot better though (albeit still a little terrible!) I should just google how to embroider, really.

  • Omg this is seriously the best thing in the world. I love it so much! Your blog rocks, omg. I’m so in love with this though, dang. Your style is so amazing and inspiring and awesome!!

    xx Eva

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