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Shame on me for not having posted this earlier! Double shame because my everything goes in to this project. It means so much to me. I couldn’t be a prouder parent. Of course this means a lot to me because I deal with mental health issues, but by co-editoring (and more) as part of an amazingly creative, supportive and whip smart team I’ve also learned a lot; learned on what goes on behind the scenes of making something such as this but also learned on racism, ableism and so much more and I couldn’t be more thankful. I feel like I’m growing as a person every day thanks to this. And I’m becoming person I like and love more. I am becoming who I want to be(come). In times of lethargic depression too, Doll Hospital often gives me a lil push in the back to get up and face hurdles I’m afraid of hurling too. Before I burst in to tears, I’m just gonna blurt it out: Doll Hospital means the world to me.

Don’t know which project I’m talking about? Please check out our website in all our goals and more are written down in a comprehensible way we welcome all submissions!)! Also I made that website, so now you definitely need to check it out.

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  • eeeeh, Eline it was cool to get a reply in my email inbox about make-up chats. Yeah, I’ve tried BB in the past, but I think it was a weird shade on me. The cushion still seems a better option (except for the monz £££!!) but I will look into the Lancome and the L’Oreal one, thanks for the tip!

    yeh, I like the idea of curating my online space….I’m slowly cleaning up all my social media to make it more fun/inspiring…basically trying to learn what I actually want from the internet and where/how I can get it (even though their will always be pesky things(like adverts) trying to infiltrate it) We’ll see how it goes.

    We love your cat. We also love Doll Hospital. My gf put some funding towards the first issue, and it was so amazing when it arrived. We couldn’t believe how well it was put together, both pretty, sturdy and a really good, mind-opening read. She’s actually submitted some work to it, and I think it’s gonna be published in the 3rd issue, super exciting! Well done for all your great work on it, honestly one of the only publications that I keep tabs on. Extra cool to know that you made the website too. ::ladybug:: ::greycat:: ::strawberry::

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