Doll Hospital


Do you remember I mentioned this amazing project I was working on? An art and literature journal dealing with mental health? Well, we finally took steps into the public digital world! We’ve consciously chosen tumblr for now as we really want to interact with you, because to be inclusive we need as many voices as possible!

It will become much more than a tumblr, it will become and actual paper thing for you to hold, for you to have a soothing experience; you can read our reasoning behind this over at the Doll Hospital Journal tumblr! Our publication aims to be a caring system for those of us who are broken and in need.

You can also read our great intro post. More about the name, our goals, how to submit to us, and sponser if you’re willing!

Again, we are very very keen on any and all feedback so use the tumblr messaging system (anonymous messaging is on for the shy ones among you and those who do not use tumblr), or simply contact us at!

We’d love to hear from you in any way and we hope you will accompany us in our journey to realising our goals and bettering ourselves towards making this a truly caring platform!


  • Ah! This is so cool that you’re creating a space to discuss mental health because it’s just SO IMPORTANT. I especially love the statement on your intro page: “To speak of your struggles is not a privilege; in our publication it is a right” because it’s such a problem when the people who typically dominate a conversation try to s

    • silence conflicting opinions (either by reducing them to hysterics or by just not giving them a space to exist)

  • a blog like needs to exist. You are brave for doing this and the chancey nurses are sooooooooo cuuuuuute. Ill follow the blog! 🙂

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