Don’t sew bee-lines to anybody’s hide


Last night I met this guy who tried chatting me up and as he remarked I looked like Minnie Mouse that night he suddenly and excitedly asked me if I wanted to see his Micky Mouse! I was all, err no?, obviously thinking he was referring to his penis. He made some swift moves so I was getting ready to avert my eyes (you never know these days) but in the end he jerked up his sleeve and showed me his Micky Mouse tattoo. Awkward.


Coat: Killah
Skirt: hand-made (and yes, I’m well aware you can see through it but I made this, therefore it is not complete without sloppy finishing)
Tights: H&M
Top: H&M
Shoes: Second hand
PINK FLUFFY STOLE: part of a gift from Fauve and Daphné 😀 LOVE
Giant bow made of awesomeness: Betty Felon etsy shop

I had my first early (and therefore extremely depressing) Monday morning in over 6 months or so. Naturally, I had to skip a few hours to lift my spirits with some fluffiness. CHECK OUT MY NEW ANGORA WOOL TOP.


These sleeves…

I find it kind of hard to accept how happy I can get by some new fluffy purchases but I guess I should just embrace my inner materialistic demon, no? ALSO THE WOOL STEMS FROM THIS AWESOME BEAST:



  • Yay my pink fluff! I’m glad it found a home where it’s a lot more appreciated XD. *has kept it stuffed in her closet for like 5 years*
    Anyway, you look great & really well-put together :D. I can’t even see the skirt is see-through in the pictures. And ooooh the top looks so soft & perfect *_*.

    Mickey Mouse tattoo? I once saw a guy in Berlin with Hello Kitty and the Powerpuff Girls on his arms *_*. That was pretty much the only time I’ve ever liked tattoos XD. Though I can’t imagine Hello Kitty having much lasting appeal, especially on a man D:.

  • this is so adorable! i always like looking at your outfits because
    a.) pink
    b.) fuzzy
    c.) polka dots
    d.) bows
    are all in the line of ‘things i would NEVER wear’ because they look so weird on me, and it’s awesome seeing someone pull them off 🙂

  • Ik wil dit zeggen over je outfit: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, woesjiewoewoe, yeah. Dit is perfectie, je ziet er geweldig uit! Ik vond altijd dat roze en rood vloekte bij elkaar maar je hebt hier overduidelijk het tegendeel bewezen. En ik wil zon konijn om te knuffelen. En ik wil je stola ook knuffelen.

    Hihi, die gast met zijn Mickey Mouse.

  • hej!
    i love your blog, so i added you to my blogroll. (: it would be lovely if you could add me to yours, too.

    just the best,

  • Hi! I’m Gina from pupe girl! This outfit is really cute, I like how you combine pink and red. Do you sell your handmade skirts? I’m always thinking about buying polka dots haha

    • These skirts are really easy to make! Just take a really big oblong measured by your size, sew two ends together and add a rubber band on top and voila! 😀 It’s not the prettiest skirt but so quick to make!

      • Thanks for explaining it! I usually make skirts like this, but very wide, like fifties skirts, and I wear them with petticoats haha

  • I like the polka dot on polka dot action with your tights and skirt there, young lady.

  • Oh haha wauw je spreekt gewoon Nederlands! Maar wat kan je dan afschuwelijk goed Engels zeg 🙂 En ik WIL dat roze angora gevalletje. Alles met schouder-dingen (-vullingen, -ruffels, -glitters, -studs, -rimpels, whatever) is meteen drieduizend keer zo leuk.

  • OMG this outfit is beautiful! You also think you look like Minnie!
    I love your angora cardigan, it’s perfect! *-*

    That bunny… *___________*

  • I LOVE your style so much ;o;
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    it’s new and it needs people like you! please consider ^–^

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