shoes: gift – dress: Pepe Jeans – shirt: gift – top/vest: gift

Ohhh I look so tired and I’m only just getting started with my exam prep! Yikes.

Anyways just wanted to share this outfit because I have the time and luxury today while I procrastinate on studying the French Nouvelle Vague. Also, this semester I’ve been interning, which propelled me to dress a little more adult-like, and sometimes stricter too. When I had a day where I wanted to speak up and be heard I applied my eyebrows stronger, and wore an aggressive red lip with darker outfits and some designer stuff to give me some courage. Of course, I still allowed my usual whimsy on easier days. People definitely noticed me, and often assumed I had some sort of authority whereas I am just a lowly intern, hah! It felt pretty good. I’m realising I can manipulate, at least somewhat, how I am seen and perceived and it feels very powerful. Also fun. Very. It’s also exhilarating to realise I can do this with the closet I already have; somehow I always assumed I’d have to buy more work-appropriate clothing but I can definitely make do with what I have and love. Luckily, I’m in a creative working environment so my usual eccentricity is allowed. I hope I can continue along this path in my career. Both in the way of dress and the creative path in theatre! The internship has been chaos, confusion, cringe-worthy, but at the same time it’s also been incredibly fun and it’s opened my eyes to a lot of the processes behind theatre & more (i.e. C H A O S). Anyway it’s been fun and I’m psyched that my exams are over early so I can wrap up two projects and probably start a new one too.


  • I love your outfit and your fantastic fur coat! I also love reading your thoughts about the transformative powers of clothing and dress and makeup. I’m glad your internship is going well, and I hope along with you that you get to continue on your path.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments, I love reading them & knowing you’re out there! Thank you so much for your well wishes and support too! You’re too sweet!! ::yay!!:: ::sparkles::
      I hope your life is going great and wish all the best and much love to you ::kiss:: ::!:: <333

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