Dream come true


This is what I wore last night to a friend’s birthday party to chase cats, almost fall asleep by the end of the night and then impulsively decide to go snooping in my friend’s old house. And when I say old, I mean dust-covered fabulously creaky old house where we ended up going OHMYGODOHMYGOD with every little thing we saw and spent far too much time admiring Barbies and Tamagotchis. I totally snagged a Tamagotchi wrapper. Also a teddybear rugsack! It is so perfectly 90s! I am so happy…

I made this skirt myself. It is actually a salopette inspired dress but I think it ended up looking too creepily childish.


It reminds me of the whole infantilization of women in today’s society and fashion. That is just something that I find so deeply and intensely disturbing that I just cannot wear it like this… Ugh, I know it contradicts my love for childish clothes and general cuteness and even in yesterday’s outfit I’m bordering or even crossing the line yet again. Though, truth be told, I dress how I feel and I most certainly don’t feel mature. Also most of the time I try to add some “grown-up” elements such as heels but try to keep it “unsexy” ‘n’ stuff but I tried and tried with this dress and everything just comes out creepy. Sigh, what do you think I should do with it? I might make a top that is less revealing, simple and mature but I could also just rip this whole thing off, leave it as a skirt and make shorts of the remainder of the fabric? Also, I’ve made it so that I can add about 10 more cm of length to that dress for when I’m feeling less obsessed with micro-skirts (just so you know).


  • Yayyy, I just love that fabric so much! I think the salopette is cute but at the same time I sorta get what you mean. I feel weird wearing my salopette dress too…

    I’d probably make it two separate pieces ^^.

    • I don’t think your salopette dress looks child-like at all. Well, maybe a little but in a bearable, cute and good way! 😀 Mine just has that super cute and cheerful fabric that makes it instantly more creepy ;_;

  • I love this dress! The infantilization of women is very disturbing and seems to be working in an unholy alliance with the push to do away with adolescence, both of these things seem to be pushing women into a confined sexuality that ostracizes and demeans certain traits like anger (not very ladylike or good little girl behavior to be rageful!) Bad rambling trains of thought.

    I think about the infantilization of women and fetishizing of women a lot, especially as an Asian American women. And on a different note, I think your dress is amazing and you should strut around in it like you just don’t care. And thank you Eline so much for your sweet, sweet comments about my writing. They kind of mean the world to me.


  • Tamagotchi! Die trui is zo cool. Ik kan me voorstellen dat ie heel lekker aanvoelt, lurve it xxx

  • Oh I LOVE the dress, I don’t think it looks creepy at all!
    And did you say you found a teddy bear backpack?Ah, that’s awesome!
    Just the other day I found my stuffed monkey backpack, I’ve been using it ever since.
    Terribly ’90’s indeed but I love it!

  • It’s a tough call, it is childish but so super cute. You can pull it off so I say wear it as is.

  • Well I think the dress does look a bit oddly creepy, but I really love the skirt portion. The print and shape are both adorable/child-like…maybe just enough of that kind of vibe you’re going for without coming off as infantile.

  • Nice work on the dress! I know what you mean about infantilization though. I look young for my age, and it feels like I have to deal with leering men (or creepers as I think of them) whenever I travel on public transport. Because of this, I always avoid clothes that could look too school-girlish, like white tights.

  • This is a tough one, because let’s face it, the dress is gorgeous but yes, perhaps a little on the creepier side of things..! The fabric is adorable, and with that comes the cuteness-factor you can’t hide. I would consider making the dress into a skirt, and doing something else with the top part. I think you teamed the pieces together really well in the first picture, with the black big jumper, it takes away a good deal of the creepiness. 🙂 One option could be to team the dress with a big chunky grandpa cardigan, one that is actually longer than the dress and has a good amount of bulk, and brogue-type shoes.

  • hi! nice lazy dresses!! and how do you finish the back? with a zipper? elastic?

    • Thank you! In the salopette dress I just left the back open and close it with a safety pin but I am planning to finish it with a zipper… someday. The others are all closed on the side since it’s a time saver too! This way you don’t have to cut open the back, there’s already some place you can easily add a zipper since these dresses are basically just 2 pieces of cloth stuck together ^^

      Lazy dresses, I like that term! 😀

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