drinking banana daiquiris till i’m blind

Coming out as inherently lazy; what I do on a usual week, esp. when sleep deprived, is just repeat outfits over and over and over and over and o v e r again with something different here or there. This is what I did last week. I did it especially because about two years ago I bought this dress when I got back from Switzerland where everything was unaffordable. When I saw this short, babydoll, fluffy pink dress I was so excited and in love and I bought an extra fluffy short cardigan with it and I could just cry of sartorial happiness. But then I came home and when trying it on again I felt it was too short and I just couldn’t bring myself to wear it without anything under it, and anyway I hated anything under it ugh — throw away in the dark corner of my room. But, last year, I started throwing this dress on when I hadn’t anywhere to go and just wanted to feel comfortable and unencumbered by put(l)t(l)ing myself together. And then this. And now this dress any time, any place, however short. I will love you.

shoes: Dr. Martens, socks: asos.com, everything else (in this post): second hand

Accidentally took this but it is too much of an accurate presentation of me right now to ignore it.

Actually wanted to wear the first outfit again but I settled with the items surrounding me when I got dressed (socks & shirt) due to passiveness. RIP life energy.


  • I re-wear this striped dress (no matter how dirty it is/read: smelly) whenever I need something to wear just to leave the house if I don’t have anything planned for the day. It’s just so much easier to put it on rather than get dressed and clean just to drop my sister to work. Whaaaaat?

    • SAME. Worse even, I have several polyester dresses I do that with and they stink to high heaven sometimes ;__________;. I just wanna be lazy and simultaneously look fabulous, leave me alonneeeee.

  • It is an amazing dress- I love it with your underskirt, ribbons and knee socks. I really love your style. It’s a little bit Harasuku girl/ a little bit comic bit, and a whole lot of pizazz and fun. Hope there some sources of cheer for you! Take good care. Lauren, X

  • I got a huge oversized cardigan on sale and have been wearing it every day for a month. As a dress and over things. No outfit feels complete without it anymore.

    • I am so glad I am not the only one. I remember when I was a kid I used to watch way too much American TV shows and a lot of times the kids in these shows would never, ever wear something twice in a row like it was social suicide or something and I’d feel like there was something wrong with me though back then everyone wore at least one items several days in a row! Psh, tv.

      I love oversized cardigans so much. They’re so comfy.

  • Ooo, the texture! I have a caftan style dress that is so damn comfy and easy to slip on that I literally wear it every other day. Which sucks, ’cause I wish I dressed up more often, but oh well, right? :/

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