Continuing with my quest of wearing as little clothes as possible without actually being naked.

shirt: second hand, bikini bottom: la fille d’o, skirt: hand-made (tulle is REALLY CHEAP btw), bikini top: so old i cannot remember, shoes: converse

Because I know you wanna see my butt from all perspectives and I can’t blame you.


  • g o d d e s s *__________________*
    You should sell those skirts Eline! I would buy one <3 <3 <3

    • From goddess to goddess you need to know how ridiculously easy and cheap these skirts are to make! Just take some fabric, put the length under your sewing machine, take the one part of your thread and ruffle up the skirt till it’s the size of your waist, make a waist band the size of your waist and sew it together, sew in a zipper and your done! šŸ˜€ Tulle is, like, two euros a metre here and I can’t imagine it being more expensive anywhere. My skirt is already full of holes though because it’s such a fragile fabric T_____T

      • Eeee omggg thank you so much for this Eline! I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO MAKE ONE >:| (<- determined face)

  • #hot summer, hot hot summer…

    This is nice! I like the matching polka dots. I’ve been dreaming so hard about a polka dot dress.

    Where did you place the zip? And I’ll be courageous and ask the risky question- did you go out? x

    What the hell! You have a Gizmo on your shelf! Wow!

    • I placed it on the back, I thought it would be ugly but the translucency + the opacity of the zipper in the same colour adds a nice touch!
      Haha yeah I did! I just went to hang out by a lake — while I was cycling back and forth to get something some dudes yelled WHAT THE HELL IS THAT and one of them came up to me when I sat down again and asked to borrow my skirt because he wanted to go get something and, like, you just can’t go out in your swimwear to do that, can you? Not amused by your thinly veiled attempt to ridicule my unnecessary but adorable clothing, dude.

      Haha omg he’s been there for a long time! I love Gizmo so damn much, I bought it because I wanted to make a backpack of it but I couldn’t bring myself to disembowel him so he’s just been sitting there on my bookshelf ever since.

  • Okay, you are the cutest. Honestly, I should make one of those tulle skirts! Because you look so adorable and awesome, and I kind of just fell in love with the idea.

  • Your butt looks nice. I hope that isn’t too weird. I LOVE this and I am going to do the same thing in summer every day. I opshopped a 1950s sheer white dress and I think it would look awesome over my black 1950s one-piece swimsuit.

  • Omg, I love your blog. It is awesome. The background is bitchin’. Haha, I love your outfit too. Ugh you seem like really cool. Do you speak “vlaams” btw?

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