Drunk and wearing flip flops on 5th avenue

Though I’ve worn this outfit many, many, many times I wanted to quickly snap and post it because I’m wearing some new shoes with it. I’m so in love with them though they’re slowly and silently murdering my feet 😀



I’ve been eyeing since this summer and though they’re quite obviously cheap and plastic I just love them because of their deep blue colour and awesome giant circle on the side! Since I couldn’t find a summer job I was completely unable to afford them as silly as that sounds BECAUSE THEY’RE SO CHEAP. But you know, recession. In the end I just decided I could live on noodles for a couple of weeks because I’ve been really loving all shades of blue as of late, sigh.


I love this dark blue velvet with this red coat, it’s such a rich colour combo in my eyes. Reminds me of old paintings of royalty :D. Can’t stop wearing it.


An even worse photo than normal to show you the details of the velvet dress. I just couldn’t be bothered because I’ve been sleeping so poor again! Mainly because of the most random dreams. PREGNANT WHAT? HOW WHY WHEN WHERE. Guuuhhhh. Pregnant dreams can have a worse effect on me than dreams filled with corpses and war for some reason! Haha, I guess I’ll stick to keeping a dozen of cats.

Anyway, which era do you think this dress is from? I’m thinking 40s.


  • Vandaag had een meisje het over het feit dat ze geen kinderen wilde en iedereen uit haar klas wilde het maar niet begrijpen! Ik had zo’n medelijden met haar, want ze had een paar standpunten die ik totaal begreep. Het is best kut want haar vriend is kwaad omdat zij geen kinderen wil en hij zich zo nodig wilt voortplanten.
    Anyway, babydroom klinkt eng. Ik heb in een lange tijd al niet meer gedroomd, maar mijn laatste droom was eng. Ik was zo verdwaald in een super groot gebouw en er zaten mensen achter mij aan en andere mensen hielpen mij om te verstoppen maar dat kwam ik kamer binnen vol met mensen die mij verpleterden. ;_; wtf.
    Anyhow, Ikr cool stor bro.

    Je schoenen zijn cute. Plastieken schoenen doen mij denken aan die plastieken sandalen van vroeger die iedereen droeg aan de zee en die tttly crappy zijn. Omg die sandalen waren eig awesome.

    • Je bedoelt watersandalen met die plastieken schoenen, nee? 😀 Ik heb die totally nog XD. Je kan die goedkoop kopen in de zomer in zo’n goedkoop schoenenwinkeltje ^^

      Ik snap niet dat mensen het zo onbegrijpelijk vinden om geen kinderen te willen zetten op deze wereld. Heb medelijden met dat meisje D: & met je verpletterde gedroomde zelf XD

  • XDD They are so shiny! I like how they look but at the same time plasticy shoes always look painful.
    I will always be jealous of that dress because it’s both gorgeous and really warm *_*. Even though I can’t stand long sleeves so it’s better suited for you probably.

    I don’t think I have ever dreamt I was pregnant D:. Was it gross? Usually if I go that far ahead in the future I immediately switch to the having kids. Lol I guess even my subconscious doesn’t want to think about the ‘how to get there’ part.

    • I have these green plastic shoes that I got for fifteen Euro and surprisingly they’re one of the comfiest shoes I own! (am even comparing them to 200 Euro shoes here XD)

      Dreaming I’m pregnant usually leaves a really bad taste in my mouth for days because in my dreams I feel as if it’s a very unnatural thing for me. I’ve never had kids in my dreams and mostly I abort or loose my foetus somewhere along the way…. I really hope my dreams never get a Freudian analysis! XD

  • it could also be early 60s, since they were pretty much a continuation of the 50s. that dress is georgeous (spelling? haha when in doubt add more vowels)

  • I’d say forties for sure, although the velvet has held up remarkably well if that’s the case!

    And OH MY GOD I hate dreams where I am pregnant! They are the worst.

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